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You Can’t Ever Be Too Prepared

He stole my mittens! This isn’t our neighborhood but close in Parkor Rock Park. Look it up!

Jack and I took a walk with Moca last week when it was in the “warm” high 30’s. A very brief respite from the frigid cold and wind that is Connecticut in February, which can take us down to 0 F very easily. I was telling him that since having Moca for over 5 years now, and walking her multiple times a day, I’ve gotten used to the weather patterns and even the fluctuations in wind and temperature in our very own neighborhood! It’s crazy!

Trumbull, CT is a town that sits very high above sea level compared to all the neighboring towns that spread right down to the coast of Long Island Sound. We get the snow first, we get ice first, we get the Chicago style wind (definitely don’t have their pizza) and we sometimes ironically get warmer weather first. (Maybe we’re closer to the sun? Haha)

We had on winter coats and hats (due to the wind) but we warmed up as we walked and the sun hit our black jackets. Also, Trumbull is very hilly so you huff and puff sometimes as you walk. At least I do! Jack warmed up pretty quickly. it’s misleading and eases you into a false sense of comfort. Grrrrrrrr!!

Jack: My jacket is like a pressure cooker. It’s absorbing all the heat. It’s SO nice out! I might even be sweating a little.

me: Wait until you turn the corner and the winds hit ya.

Jack: You sound like an 1800’s pan handler.

me: The winds will be a turnin’! Haha.

We turned the corner and started up a steep hill.

Jack: It’s definitely not cold here Mom. (he unzipped his jacket and turned his face into the sun) Ahhhh…

me: You’ll see. (I hunkered into my jacket and pulled my hat a little lower.

We created the hill and the full cross wind hit us in the face while the sun still tries to warm our backs. We were heated up from the exertion yet now turning cold from the wind hitting our face at about 15 degrees colder than the air temp. Basically your sweat now starts to freeze. On the same walk. In the span of 15 minutes. You’d think we were on Mt. Washington!

Jack: Ugh! My face os literally freezing, and my back is sweating!

me: See? I told you. I know the wind pattern here. Wait until we go down our hill.

Jack: I’m still trying to figure out how I’m overdressed and underdressed at the same time! He was fumbling for his jacket zipper while he said this.

me: Oh, almost forgot. This is the part where you have to walk backwards.

Jack: What??!!


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Quote of the day – In German

Herr Jack: Hör auf zu reden, du bringst mich zum Niesen



Jack: Stop talking, you’re making me sneeze.

He’s practicing German on the Duo Lingo app and I kept trying to repeat everything he was saying in my most serious German accent.

Jack wasn’t laughing. But for some reason he was sneezing!

And ironically I just started sneezing as I typed this.

Must be the messed up barometric pressure from the incoming storm and tornado warning!!! Gotta go!


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Cloudy with a chance of washing machines…

Jack was at his dad’s last weekend. He missed the major snow squall we had back here in CT. Too soon. TOO SOON!!!!!!

me: Jack did you get any snow in New York in Saturday? We had a snow squall!

Jack: What’s a squall?

me: Like a quick burst of snow flurries, sort of.

Jack: We didn’t have a squall but someone was throwing a washing machine off the roof and Dad had to call the police.

me: Um..,,


Meteorology Lesson

me: Jack, see those clouds? Do you know what weather they predict for tomorrow? It’s usually a 24- hour window that you get when you look at the clouds….it’s generally accurate…and so cool that we can predict the weather just by looking at the sky and not some dumb app. So what’s your guess?

Jack: I don’t know, rain?

me: No, look, see how they’re all bumpy and uniformly dispersed? That usually predicts the exact same weather as today. So hopefully it will be sunny and in the 60’s… just like today…Isn’t that cool?

Jack: (looking at the weather app on my phone) Says 40’s and rain tomorrow. Good job, Mom.

me: Grrr. Stupid feckin clouds.

Side note, I haven’t written in awhile and it has nothing to do with clouds or weather! Though I DO so hate the cold and am fully ready for spring to arrive. Sorry everyone, I’ll do a better job!

This article has some really interesting cloud formations. I’m kind of a cloud geek, see my Chicago Skyline photo below. I can’t believe I took such a cool photo. The rest are just bonus shots from Chicago from last November 🙂

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1st Snow Day of 2016!

It’s finally snowing. For real. We are all still not sure how much snow we’re getting, because the stories vary from a few inches to over a foot. Luckily it’s Saturday and we really don’t need to go anywhere. And luckily Jack’s big birthday bash is scheduled for next weekend. Haha to you weather! You didn’t get me this time!

Jack was born during a blizzard and historically, well for the last 10 years anyway, the weather has been SHiT-Tay on the weekend closest to his birthday. We’ve had cars stuck in the driveway, power outages, frigid temps, and who wants to travel to a party during that weather! Ugh.

Today was kinda funny because we went to our Taekwondo studio for an hour of practice, then Jack and I stopped at Goodwill for his weekly search for nerf guns at rock bottom prices (he got two huge ones for $9) and then we headed home for some Skate 3 and Halo 3. We tried to cram stuff in and get home before we got stuck at the bottom of the driveway. That sucks! The wind has been howling and the windchill is bringing the temps down into single digits. Hating the cold.

We got a few chores done and then we heard a knock at the door. Wha????

Jack: It’s Logan! He wants to go sledding! Can we get my stuff?

me: You mean can I get your stuff? (He was already darting around looking for his clothes)

Jack: Do you think there’s enough snow to sled? Is it the packable kind? How many inches did we get anyway?!!! Awww I wish I still had my old snow pants with the suspenders! (He was upset when I pulled out his regular ski pants with the camo print)

me: You outgrew those… There’s not too much snow yet.., it’s all blowing around…

Jack: Whatever, there’s enough MOM. So THAT’s where my scarf went! (He ripped it out of my hand after I pulled it out of the closet) Let’s go!

me: Ok ok easy with the grabby hands…hold on let me put it on you.

Jack: It doesn’t go around my neck like THAT! Here let me show you how I wrap it. (he demonstrates his very NYC way of wrapping his scarf).  Wait! Why do I even NEED a scarf?? He rips it off and tosses it.

me: It’s freezing out, so you can pull it up over your face. (I wrap the scarf again, and he redoes it AGAIN)

Jack: Oh… I guess that’s ok…So where are my gloves??? Hey don’t put my hood up over my hat!!

me: Jack it’s still snowing out so you’ll get all wet if you don’t put your hood up. Your gloves are probably in the car.

Jack: Ok ok put it up then! (I see he’s losing patience, and he pulls his hood up before I can do it).

me: Hold on, we have to tuck your pants into your socks.

Jack: ARGHHH! Fiiiinnneee! Ok ok let me go.

me: You need your boots. I got you new ones luckily. These are military grade.

Jack: They are NOT military grade! Are they??? Well you tie them. Make sure nothing is inside! Wait I can feel something, it’s the tag take it out!!!

me: OMG Jack pretend you’re going out to survive in the wilderness, you’ll be nice and warm so don’t worry about a little tag. That’s a bit too much high maintenance. Sheesh.

Jack: I’m not high maintenance!

me: Here are your gloves. Let me zip you up, and the scarf goes in the inside of your jacket. (I tuck it all in).  Ok, I think you’re all set. Here’s some Chapstick. Now give me a kiss…

I inadvertently kiss his glasses and smudge them, OMG, 10 minutes of wiping and near hysterics from Jack because I’m “wasting” his time, and he’s finally ready to go.

me: Have fun!

Jack: Geez I woulda been outside a LOT sooner if you actually helped me get my stuff on!!

me: Grrrrrrr!!

A minute later I was settled on the couch with my tea, a show and a pile of laundry to fold peacefully. I could hear ranting coming from the garage.

Jack: MOOOOOOOMMMMMM! Where’s my snowball maker!!!!????

I ignored him. But he stomped back upstairs into the laundry room and threw open the door.

Jack: Where! Is! My! Snowball maker?!

me: No idea. Guess you’ll have to use your hands?

Jack: Oh what a concept. (Slam)

I had to laugh at that one…

Do mom’s really have to wonder why we’re tired all the time??


Happy Thanksgiving! Who’s thankful for sunsets? Not Jack.

View from my front door


That’s kind of a theme I’ve found on blog posts recently. A LOT of people are thankful for sunsets. Because they’re beautiful, or because it means the kids might be asleep soon? Or both? Hmmm…

me: Wow, check out the amazing sunset!

Jack: Eh.

me: You can look away from Sponge Bob for thirty seconds you know.

Jack: (glances over his shoulder) Wow.

me: Heartfelt. Truly.

Jack: I don’t like sunsets. They bring me closer to school.

Sunset from the back deck.


In the spirit of giving and sharing and all that, I’ve decided to link up to some blogs with amazing sunset photos, and then show some of my own favorites. Just because.

1. Marcelle Calder Photography (Very good sunset photo! Well, they better have good photos…”photography” is in the title!)

2. Sunday Best (First of all, how stinking cute are they! Read the “Where in the World” tab. We’ll have to talk about that Russia trip one day…)

3. Whatever – The Nourishment is Palatable (Interesting blog, cool sunset!)

4. Tuesdays in Templeton (I just found a “no bake” pumpkin pie recipe on her “Tuesday Fan Recipe” sidebar. YUM! Plus she’s a MASShole like me, or so I assume she is because she’s from Mass. Hmm.)

5. Claire Olinik – A journey in pictures (A girl starting a new chapter in her life, and documenting it with photos. Good luck to her!)

Sunset in Wellfleet, Mass. "The Cape!"

The Cape

This was taken in Florida. Near Boca Raton. The sun is starting to go down...

...and now it's almost down...

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Back in the USSA

art by

Because you can’t just sing USA. Need that extra S. I promise I will post the rest of my photos. It’s taken me a day or two to cycle back to CT time. I’m pretty good today, and actually feel like posting. And, since I’m taking a break from the BIBLICAL storm that we had last night, I figured I’d write a bit.

What the heck happened out there? A foot of snow. Wet heavy snow. Topped by an inch of thick ice. Wet heavy ice! Every single tree in our yard, and there are about a hundred or more, are touching the ground. 4 have snapped completely. 3 are totally blocking my driveway. I have a very long driveway. So long I’ve had to label it sector A and sector B. Sector A is from the midway point to the street. It’s the steepest. If you clear sector A, you’re usually golden for getting up the driveway. If you don’t clear it, then you slide back to the street, in an embarrassing sideways skid. Makes for good entertainment in the burbs.

When Jack and I woke up and looked outside, Jack had some sound advice.

Jack: Chainsaw.

me: No way.

Jack: You have to do it. That’s the only way to clear the trees.

me: No.

Jack: Mom, it’s just like using a machine gun. I can do it.

me: Oh really?

Jack: The blade is big on one end and then gets small on the other end. I saw Daddy use it so I can totally do it.

me: I think we’re just gonna pull the branches out of the way.

Jack: Boys are just better at this stuff than girls, so you just have to step aside and let me do it.

me: Ok.

I’ve cleared all downed trees and snow from sector A. By hand. Without a chainsaw. Jack discarded that idea as soon as he saw that his friend next door was outside playing. So much for his help! I’m beat. Sector B is the biggest section. It has the flat area in front of the garage, which has a downed birch tree and a downed tulip tree, plus some huge branches. I’m dreading that part.   [p-=,beqz   (Ed says hi by walking on the keyboard.)

So, since I’ve been home I’ve gotten so much blog material that I don’t even know where to begin. You’ll notice that my Russia posts don’t have much in the way of sh*t my boy says, because we didn’t talk very much. 😦  But in the two days, or day and a half, that I’ve been home, he’s been on a roll! I’m gonna have to save some of this for a rainy day when I’m out of material.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party, in the middle of the biblical storm. Jack had so much fun! It was at a small gym, and the kids all went nuts on the equipment. They had lots of fun games that they played as well, and Jack burned off a lot of energy. At the end of the party, they all had Halloween cupcakes.

Party Assistant: Hi Jack, would you like another cupcake?

Jack: I’ll take anything that raises my sugar intake.

Party Assistant: (looks at me)

me: (shrugs)

Earlier in the day we talked about the birthday presents that we had for the little girls. It was a double birthday party for 2 sisters. I liked what we had picked out for each of them, but Jack wasn’t impressed.

Jack: If it was up to me, I would have just given them each a coupon for a free play date. That wouldn’t cost you anything.


Maybe that’s why he’s not in charge! 🙂


So now when it rains I have to sleep with one eye open?

Jack: Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come again some other day!

me: Wow it’s pouring out!

Jack: Hurry up and open the car door I’m getting soaked!

me: Stop pulling the handle while I click it Jack!

Jack: Hurry!

me: Stop!

Jack: Sheesh, can’t you ever get that right?

me: Me?? Have some patience, okay? I can’t believe it’s this cold AND raining. Ugh…

Jack: (singing) It’s raining it’s pouring, the old man is snoring, he went to bed and he killed his mom and she didn’t get up in the morning.

me: Huh?

Jack: Nothing.

me: Did you say something naughty?

Jack: Nope.

me: Because I definitely heard something.

Jack: Sorry.