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What exactly goes on at camp all day?

(that’s the camp pick up line, it’s single file and goes on for days…)

I asked Jack if he wanted to do BMX bike riding tonight. He said absolutely not because he would be so tired from camp. So I asked him what exactly goes on at camp that makes you so tired? I remember the other day he said he didn’t need sunblock because they would sit around all afternoon in the shade. That doesn’t sound very tiring to me. 🙂

Me: Jack, what are you going to do at camp today that will make you so tired?

Jack: all kinds of things, it’s exhausting.

Me: you mean like swimming, archery, hiking? Stuff like that?

Jack: well, archery really doesn’t take that much effort. And we do hike a little bit in the woods, but we have to carry our backpacks so that’s kind of strenuous. And it’s really hot out, so the heat is really tiring.

Me: what about the peddle boats?

Jack: I’m not allowed to use those this week. We got in trouble for splashing our friends.

(After I got the full story from Jack and the camp counselor, the verdict was that he was actually splashing five-year-olds who were “annoying” to him)

Me: so then you must swim for a long time?

Jack: we only swim for about an hour, that’s it. And that’s usually in the morning.

Me Well then what is tiring you out?

Jack: well, I go on the tire swing, and that’s pretty tiring… (No pun intended)

Me: so what do you do, swing from one tire to another?

Jack: no, someone pushes us and then we just swing…

Me: Ummm… That doesn’t sound like it takes a lot of exertion.

Jack: like I said, it’s hot out, and the heat is very draining. So I don’t want to do BMX. Outdoor camp is actually more tiring than taekwondo camp. And if I was too tired after taekwondo camp, then I’m really too tired after this camp. Can I just chill at home?

Me: OK, let’s see how you feel after camp today…

I don’t think I’m going to win this argument, and I bet we are most likely not going to BMX tonight. Which is too bad, because I was hoping to ride tonight ha!

Though, looking at the temperature, it’s 87° right now, and probably not getting any cooler. Whew! The heat really is draining. And I’m getting very tired just by writing about it…


Quote of the day, argumentative

Jack: I’m not arguing! I’m just telling you how you’re wrong!

me: Sigh.

That was how our “discussion” ended. 


I didn’t want Jack to mow the lawn with a broken toe in a shoeless ortho boot. I told him to put a sneaker on and then the boot.

Jack: That doesn’t matter! The sneaker isn’t going to protect me from the lawn mower blade, it’s still gonna do the same damage to my foot!

me: Oh that’s a good argument.


I just told Jack to hurry up in the shower. I went up to look and he had his iPod set up with his black light water speakers. Ready for an event in the shower! Oy!

me: How long do you plan on being in there? Be quick ok?

Jack: I just arranged an entire speaker setup. It’s not going to be quick.

Right now it sounds like a concert in the bathroom. 🙂

Here’s Jack mowing the lawn in his boot! Use the term “lawn” loosely.


Days without accident: 0

We have a running tally in our house. Or, rather, we did until Moca outgrew it…How many days without pee or poop in the house. 🙂

There would always be some freak accident (my fault for not paying attention) or a random pee (someone new in the house) etc. so we would sigh and say zero days without an accident. Then it would get up to a week and then 2… I was hoping for a month. But then I received this text. At the bottom. How prophetic of me to send poopy icons prior to the incident eh?

me: Jack, remember how I said to please come downstairs and watch Moca?

Jack: I was busy!

me: Remember I said she had just eaten and would probably need to go out?

Jack: She didn’t even warn me!

me: She had probably already gone before you even came down.

Jack: Ewww!!

me: Yet I’m the one scooping it up. At least she was kind enough to avoid the rug.

Tomorrow we reset the tally!

Moca was spayed in Monday. Here she is resting comfortably with her “stuffy” bear 🙂