Math whiz. Not me, him.

me: 4×8?

Jack: 32

me: Nice. 5×8?

Jack: 40

me: That was fast. 6×8?

Jack: 48.

me: Do you know them by heart or are you just adding 8 to each answer?

Jack: Both.

me: Huh?

Jack: Sooo…If 7×8 = 56, and then If 8×8 = 64, for the next problem, instead of doing 9×8 = 72 I would take the answer from the last problem 64, but instead of adding 8 I just switch it around to be 68+4. Add em together and get the next answer. Then it’s easier.

me: Wha…?? Easier than what, just adding it?

Jack: if 9×8 is 72 then 10×8 is 72+8 OR 78+2, which is easier for me to do in my head.

me: How about you just memorize them like we all did. So you do the elaborate switching in your head?

Jack: Yeah, I just add the number to the last answer. But I switch it so I’m just adding the low number. Get it?

me: No. Lemme think. I’ve never even thought to do that.

Jack: I didn’t know you were such a dumb butt.

me: Thanks. And you just turned 8 on Friday. (I shake my head.)

And guess what, he’s right. About the math, not about the dumb butt part.

And here are some photos from Jack’s lazer tag birthday party. Can’t believe it’s Sh*t My 8-year-old Says.