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Glad you’re home. Goodbye again.

Jack has been traveling more this summer than I have in 5 years. 2 weeks at camp in NYC, a week at Lake George NY, a week coming up in Arizona, and then a week following that in South Carolina!  All of the weeks have been without ME! The SC week involves me so in glad. We’re driving down to get my nephew from the Marines. Woot!

It was a complete circus last night unpacking from one trip and repacking for the next. Jack truly lived out of his suitcase yesterday. I just refreshed some clothes and replaced an inhaler. It was a suitcase tune-up. LOL.

I’m sure Jack just wanted to sit and do nothing, but there was a lot to accomplish! He played with the photo booth on his laptop, making goofy face videos that had roller coaster scenery going by, etc. I kept trying to get him to come hang with me but he insisted on doing his thing. We did get a little cranky with each other. 😦 I just wanted to see him!

Anyway, I puttered around the house cleaning up and putting his stuff in the laundry, or away, as needed. Going from upstate NY to Arizozna means the heavy sweatshirt could go away, and maybe the pants too. Needed extra sunblock and goggles for swimming. Swap out the shorts and shirts, pack different toiletries that had been forgotten, etc. it was nuts.

Our most meaningful exchange last night: 

me: Hey do you want to sit on the couch with me and relax and watch TV for a few minutes before bed?

Jack: Can you please step out of the frame so I can calibrate my face properly?

me: sheesh…