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This is what awesome looks like. And sounds like.

Jack: Mom, can you get my clothes ready for tomorrow? I need the black shirt and the black and red shorts plus the red long sleeve jacket with the sleeves rolled up because that’s what awesome looks like, and the black socks. Okay?

me: Awesome looks like that?

Jack: Did you not just hear me?

He said that not in a snotty way, but in a “how could you misunderstand just exactly how awesome that outfit sounds??”

How could he NOT have awesome taste in clothes if his Mom dresses up like this??


He’s the kid that stopped letting me pick out his clothes as soon as he learned to talk and say “NO! I do it!” Seriously. We’ve had SUCH fights over clothes over the years, mainly when I have to tell him it’s a “dressy” day and he has to wear a collar shirt or something. But on the other 364 days, he picks whatever. I couldn’t care less if it matches, is the right size, or is weather appropriate. Seriously. That’s the battle I chose not to fight. It kind of worked out like this:

me: Jack I think those shorts are a bit too small.

Jack: They’re FINE!

me: Okay. Wear em.


Jack: Some boys in the bathroom picked on me and said my shorts were too short and I looked like a girl.

me: Really? Awww, sorry.

Jack: They were 5th graders so it’s fine.

me: Fine?

Jack: They know I’m younger than them, and they do that to everyone. So it’s fine.

(he pauses)

Jack: I think we can give these to the Goodwill now.

And that’s one lesson learned. Here’s another:

me: Jack: It’s freezing out. Get your coat.

Jack: No! It’s embarrassing! No one is wearing a coat Mom!

me: Okay freeze then. Let’s go.

(outside at the bus stop)

Jack: (chatter chatter chatter) It’s sooooo cold!!!!!

me: (just looking at him)

Jack: Yeah yeah, I know. I’ll bring the coat next time.

That’s how Jack learns. Does it sound mean? I don’t think so. Just think of the other scenario. We fight and yell. He cries and still won’t wear the jacket. I threaten and take electronics away. We’re all cranky. Nope. Not for me. Instead he’s cold and I’m fine. Hee hee! Hey, we parents have to get some fun out of this right? And guess what, Jack learned that when you don’t have a coat, you might actually get … cold!


So anyway. I’m awesome at this. 🙂


I’ll leave you with a tidbit from this past weekend. My birthday was on Friday, so I told Jack that he could make me a nice card or something at his dad’s house over the weekend. He agreed.
me: Hey Jack, I never got that card from you. Did you make one with Daddy this weekend?

Jack: Nahh…

me: Awww, but that would have been special for me.

Jack: What would you rather have? A card or your real son? I think you got the good deal.

(Can I seriously argue with that?)