Subaru Confessions

Subaru Confessions – being kind

Today I woke up to a sick child, cat puke on the rug (Ed!), a broken Santa ornament (Bella!), a wet carpet in the basement (stupid 4″ of rain!), and a bowl of eggs that I forgot to make into egg salad. Don’t you hate those mornings! There’s not enough time on a good day. Ugh.

Therefore I forgot to give Jack a shower, couldn’t fold the laundry to clear the dryer for all the wet basement towels and just realized I’m wearing tights with a run in them. 😦

But, as a mom, I always find time to teach a life lesson. Sort of.

(We missed the bus, needless to say, and I got to spend a few more minutes with Jack…)

me: I want you to do one unexpected kind thing for someone today. I like doing that! It makes people happy. Then you can come home and tell me about it.

Jack: I’m sure I can do one unexpected thing today, but it probably won’t necessarily be kind.

me: Jaaaack…(sigh).