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Testing the Blog Share

Come on Facebook.

You’re always unhitching yourself from my WordPress wagon. 

Let’s try this again. I’ll make this a photo post to ease you into things.

Jack: You shouldn’t post any more about me. They’re all lies. Or as you call them, “embellishments”.  (He air quotes)

me: Grrrrr!

Here are some photos from our trip to Parris Island, SC. We picked up Jack’s cousin from the Marines!

Working on our sunburns

Jack and I are on vacation in Florida this week! Yay! We are staying in Orlando but drove down to West Palm to surprise my sister for her birthday. We met up at Peanut Island for a day of beachy fun and snorkeling.

And a day of burns.

I was so busy taking care of Jack that I forgot about my face . Ugh. Well, I can say I got “some color” haha. Cept it be red… 😉

My sister then asked Jack if he wanted to stay with them for 2 nights while I headed back to Orlando with my mom.

me: Yeah I guess that would work, I don’t have much of his stuff but I do have his Epi pens, glasses, sunblock and toothbrush. (Coincidentally I packed stuff just in case…) Jack, hey what do you think? We were planning to go to Universal on Tuesday so —-

Jack: (interrupting) See ya later lady!

He jumped in their car with his hand out for the iPad…

me: Sigh…



Dreaming of Summer

It’s cold. The weather can’t decide what to do. Warm. Cold. Freezing. Nice. Windy. COLD. Snow. 70 degrees. I think this is the most inconsistent couple of months that I can remember as far as weather and temps go. But generally it’s cold. And I don’t like cold. I don’t like hot either, mind you. Can we just have lukewarm?

I want to go back to this:


Or this:



Right? I don’t want to shiver in my own house as I blog. (I know I can turn the heat up but that costs $$$). I don’t want to scrape ice off my windows and sand my stupidly long and steep driveway.

Okay I’m just ranting in general and this has nothing to do with anything Jack says. But here are two things he did say today…aside from the lovely tweets I sent out while Jack and I watched the game. Those were hysterical!

Jack: Hey, can we tape my vocal cords by sticking a recorder down my throat? That might help you with your fancy blog.

Oh and there was this:

Jack: Mom, you’re not ABstract, your DIStract. (wtf??)

Still loving this kid…

Treasures on the beach, skateboards, etc.

(Of course he’s my most valuable treasure.)

Vacation!!! Each day we get up early, walk to the beach and search for treasures. We found a great fishing net, a football, 2 shovels, a beaded bracelet, a key, a boomerang, a toy whale and a toy seal, among other things. If you get there at the right time (early) and wait for the right tide level (super low) you get first pick of all the washed up stuff. It was like a tag sale, but free, and mostly stuff you’d use at the beach anyway. If we hit the beach later in the day, we’d mostly look for shells, beach glass, gull bones, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, etc.

Jack: What does “etc” mean?

me: (peering over his shoulder to see where it’s used in the book he’s reading) Oh, it means “and a bunch of other stuff”, so they use it instead of writing out a huge list of things.

Jack: How do you say it?

me: Etcetera.

Jack: Then why do they just put the E and T and C?

me: It’s an abbreviation, so they don’t have to spell it out.

Jack: But it’s a book. They’re spelling out all the words anyway. And it’s typed on a computer.

me: So you’re saying they’re lazy?

Jack: Totally lazy.

And here are a few shots of Jack the sk8tr dude. He’s so psyched to learn how to skate and there is the coolest skate park right near the house we rent.