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Goodnight Moon, and other various things

Jack and I were reading Goodnight Moon before bed as a funny way to remember the times when he was little and we used to do those cozy kinds of things to relax. Goodnight Moon has a very nice cadence to it and the pacing if it is pretty soothing. Jack used to know it by heart and whenever I would stop reading, he would fill in the next word for me.

me: …goodnight comb, and goodnight brush, goodnight nobody, goodnight mush, and goodnight to the old lady whispering—

Jack: Anal cavity.

me: Come on, really?

Jack: Really, just think about it. How creepy is an old lady that’s whispering “anal cavity”….oooohhhh

me: Sigh. Goodnight Jack.


KoKo’s two houses…yes I have more sh*t to say…

Or rather HE does. That little 6-year-old piece of work that I have over here. Tonight before bed we read a children’s book on divorce. Because YES people, this IS happening! Sigh. So it’s called something like KoKo bear’s two houses or something and the dad bear moves out and KoKo has to deal with having two homes and he keeps forgetting things at this dad’s and then in school he doesn’t know how to draw his family in art class. It’s a whole thing. KoKo gets angry and sad, and Jack sometimes says he feels those things, but overall he’s fine.

So to set the stage, Jack’s in bed all comfy and I’m sort of half squat-sitting on the edge of the bed due to the 4 fluffy comforters and the piles of “friends” that Jack has in there with him. I sometimes can’t see him in the giant pile of plush.

me: Do you ever get sad or angry like KoKo?

Jack: I’m okay.

me: Really?

Jack: Yeah because now I have two houses and Dad has XBox 360 sooo…

me: All is well in the universe.

Jack: Exactly. Is KoKo a boy or a girl bear?

me: Hmmmm, I would have to guess that it’s a He, because of the striped shirt and pants.

Jack: He’s holding a doll.

me: Then I would have to guess that He’s a She? (we both crack up) Or maybe it’s a He/She?

Jack: A he she? What the…? (he laughs harder)

me: Like it’s part girl and part boy, that way girls and boys can read the story…

Jack: I dunno mom, girl parts and boy parts? I may have to go look that up on Google.