Quote of the day – weapons

me: Doesn’t your friend like her? Won’t he be mad you’re buying her a necklace?

Jack: Nah he won’t care, he’s my best friend.

me: Oh that’ll change when you get older. Are you telling him?

Jack: What for?

me: Well I guess all’s fair in love and war.

Jack; You mean all’s fair in love and NERF!!!!


Wordless Wednesday

(now with fewer words!)

Because sometimes, I’m just too damn tired to talk. Yes, be quiet… it DOES happen occasionally. What? I’m still talking? Oh sorry… (yawn)

Jack's best friend "Stripey"
Jack driving a golf cart at about 30mph!
Jack the squirrel whisperer
Watching the action at the Orlando airport


me: Did you have fun in Florida?

Jack: It was funner than my life!

me: Well said.