The way a boy tinkers

Jack: I’m gonna be in the garage tinkering on the bike. (a 10-speed we picked up at the dump for Jack to “work on”)

me: Put on a jacket, it’s cold in there.

Jack: Nahhhh it’s fine. Tinkering warms me up.

me: Where’d you get that word from anyway? Do I say it?

Jack: It’s like when you play with something and mess it all up.

me: Really? Who taught you that word?

Jack: I don’t know. It’s probably from Tinker Toys. You “tinker” with your “toys”. (he air quotes)

me: So you just decided to “tinker” with your “bike”?

Jack: Don’t copy me!! And you can go “tinker” me up a “snack” because I’m hungry!

me: Nice.


Half Dirt Half Road?

Jack: Is that one dirt?

me: Nah, it’s road.

Jack: What about that one, the black one?

me: Mmmm, that might be half dirt half road.

Jack: What about that white one with the big tires?

me: That one could be more dirt and less road.

Jack: Is ours half and half too?

me: Maybe 70% dirt, 30% road. We mostly drive on the road though, but we could go in the dirt.

Jack: What about water? Is ours good in water?

me: Not deep water.

Jack: Can I get one that’s all dirt?

me: You have a bike.

Jack: But it’s ROAD only!

me: Yours is probably half and half. You can go in dirt if you want.

Jack: No, it’s all road. Plus I want a motor.

me: You can’t have that until you’re a teenager.

Jack: Well, then without a motor… but I want the all dirt kind, NO road, or maybe all dirt and ALL road. Do they do those kind?

me: Yeah. They’re expensive.

Jack: That’s why you work though, right?