So how did YOU wake up today?

I’m sorry I’ve been absent. I spent some time in NYC for a work-related tradeshow…had WAY too much fun, and WAY not enough sleep, and … did I forget to blog? You might say that. I’m still sleep deprived and possibly making horrific spelling errors, but please deal with it.

After 3.5 hours of sleep on Sunday night…wait that would be Monday morning… and then only 4 hours of sleep last night, I’m still at a deficit from the first night. Damn.

Jack: Hi-YAH!!!

me: UGH!!

Jack: Wake up! It’s time for your favorite!

me: Hrmpf?

Jack: Tickle Torture!!!!! (he starts going berserk with the tickling)

me: AHHHHH!!! Okay Okay I’m up! Watch the head there. You’re swinging it around.

Jack: Rub my back! ….Oooooo soothing!

me: Thanks. (then I completely attack him with a tickle torture)

Jack: WAHHHHH!!! Stop! Oh I see you’ve learned a lot Ma’am since you’ve been gone!

me: It was only one night, and I didn’t go to tickle class if that’s what you’re wondering. Hey stop biting!

Jack: When all else fails, gnaw on someone.

me: Interesting motto.

Jack: (bite bite bite)

me: Nooo, no biting.

Jack: Get up!

me: I am!

Jack: Up out of bed!

me: You’re sitting on me!

Jack: Oh. Geez well sorrrrryyyy that you can’t lift your own son off you to get out of bed.

me: I should have stayed in the city one more night just so I could sleep.

Jack: Hey I heard that you know.