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Where is the time going? And my favorite posts of all times.


Down from multiple posts in a week when Jack was 5 and 6… to maybe 1 per week when Jack was 7-10. Then I slowed down a bit more to maybe 2 or 3 posts a month from ages 10-13. Now look at me! I think I’m maxing out at 1 per month. Some months a bit more, but that’s simply a product of Jack growing up and frankly we don’t spend 24/7 together anymore.

Here’s a typical day during the school week. (Mom’s of young ones, be forewarned, you might not realize what’s coming!!)

Wake up at 6am. Jack goes and gets dressed, eats breakfast and gets his things ready while I get dressed, feed the cats and give Moca a short walk.

I drive Jack to school around 6:55, with Moca in the back. It’s a 10 minute drive to the school. Then Moca and I head home, I finish her walk, feed her and get ready for work.

At 3pm I pick Jack up at home when he gets off the bus. We have 10 minutes in the house and we’re ready to head to rowing. He rows now! Anyway, that’s about a 15 minute drive, I drop him off and go back to work until 6. Then I pick him up and we head home.

Jack then showers while I make dinner. We eat together and then he does homework until 9 or 10. Then bed.

THAT’S IT! Where is the time for meaningful conversation?

Total time together… maybe 2 hours MAX. More like 1.5 hours, which includes driving to and from places. Now how do I find blog-worthy material in that time??

Remember when they were little? On your hip, or at your feet all day and all night. They slept in your bed even. So, when Jack was 5 and 6 and 7, we spent a lot more time together and we talked a lot more.

Our conversations these days sometimes go from talking about the national health crisis, to 9/11, to street artists and politics. Remember when it was all about monsters in the closet, eat your veggies and trying to stop your kids from sucking their thumb? I miss those times and those blog posts. Some of my favorite posts of all times are here. Check em out. I really like all of the ones from ages 5-10 the best. 🙂

Post 1: It’s all about Fall with a 5 year old. 🙂

Post 2: Another one from when Jack was 5 and had to learn every single thing by himself. (he even potty trained himself, but that’s a story I’ve already told I’m sure.)

Post 3: Jack was 9, and oh-so-muh-fun to take on a bike ride 🙂

Post 4: The 8-year-old that teaches his mom a new word. LOL!

Post 5: Some one liners from a 9 year old.

Post 6: Camp rating system.

Post 7: One of my faves of the faves 🙂


Here are some highlights of recent conversations, not verbatim but from my old and failing memory 🙂 … Jack will have to go easy on the lack of exact recall.

These were mostly talks had in the car, by the way…


Jack: What do you think about Socialism?

me: Well, There are pros and cons… I like the idea of everyone having what they need, and everyone having access to health care and education… But, that also means that not everyone will work as hard as they can to get what they want or need. We’re based on Capitalism and that means that anyone can achieve anything if they work for it, but not everyone has the same opportunities based on so many things like- – –

Jack: (interrupts) Way to be vague Mom.

me: (Sigh…) Oh, by the way I ordered your uniform for rowing and also got the jacket and two hats. I want to wear one at the races!

Jack: Don’t wear that hat Mom, you’ll look like a Trump supporter.

me: Jack, Just because it’s a red hat doesn’t mean anything. And, the hat has your racing logo on it, it’s not a political statement, sheesh. Hey did you see my texts from this morning? Pretty funny huh?

Jack: Those are old memes from like 2004. Stop spamming my phone or I’ll have to block you.

me: Ummm… no, if you block me you’ll have no phone to block WITH.

Jack: Sighhh….

And so on and so forth. Then I pick him up after school and we pretty much go back and forth with “Do you have homework?”, “Hurry up, we’re going to be late” and “You’re not helping me at all and that’s why we’re going to be late.”.

And repeat.

So, moms of little ones that never stop talking, and you can’t think straight and you just want a few minutes of quiet and want to be able to finish a cup of coffee without being interrupted or want to use the bathroom with complete privacy…

Be careful what you wish for. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to watch Jack change into a handsome, smart, young man and I’m so excited to watch him develop the skills that will take him into the rest of his life. It’s just that he was so cute back then and I could lift him! Now he’s over 6 feet and I seriously would strain something if I tried to lift him. He’s actually become a much bigger help at home, he’s maturing, and can reach things that I can’t. And I also hear through the grapevine he’s the world’s best boyfriend. Yes, that’s right. He’s “dating.” And, as you know, I don’t really talk about Jack’s friends or his girlfriend here simply because this is his blog and I respect the privacy of others.

Here are a few pics to catch you up on Jack’s world…


Can you spot him in the boat above?


How about this one above? He’s the one with the really bent arms. 🙂


Who travels more than me? Jack of course.


A selfie from his birthday…


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College and Wookies and Birthdays!


the 5-year-old Wookie
I keep forgetting that each time Jack turns a year older I need to update my blog header! I’ve been doing this since Jack was 5, and started on another blogging platform. I liked the Shir My 5-year-old says title. I miss it! Because when I switched to WordPress, I had the dumb idea that I would switch the blog title each year. So I started with Shit My 6-year-old Says, and probably lost all of my original followers!

They weren’t really that bright back then 😉

Though if you are one of the original followers, I’m obviously NOT talking to you and would LOVE you to leave a comment telling everyone how smart and selective you were back then when you discovered us here and still follow us! That would be cool.

So now, I’m remembering I gotsta get back in Photishop and do something clever like cross that 10 out and put 11 haha.

I’m still mad that I didn’t keep the 5 in the URL. But what did I know back then. Go see. I was crazy!!!!!

Sooo, yesterday’s post about college had me looking back in some older posts and I found this from year 1. Pretty funny. I hope you agree!

Jack the Wookie and college boy.

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If I had only planned ahead with this blogging thing…

I would have picked a name that didn’t need yearly updating. Hellooooo!!! More work for me! Could I possibly have something MORE to do in my free (hahahaha) time? And now, you lucky dogs, you’ll get some free press. From me. Thank you.

So, had I been smart, I might have grabbed “shit my kid says” (Already taken. This kid is 5.) …which leads one over to “shit my kids ruined” (hahahaha) or “shit my boy says” (Which is a Facebook page, and a damn funny one at that, but I didn’t want to step on toes with my blog) …oh and maybe avoid “shit my boyfriend says” (Unless you don’t mind hitting the “I’m okay with adult content” button) ohhhh actually there are two “shit my boyfriend says” blogs…ones a Tumblr…OR “shit my little shit says” (Damn, wait! This one is open people! Grab it!)

See? I just went for the age and the shit, and it had a little je ne sais quoi about it. N’est-ce pas?

Yes, therefore in about a month I will be updating my blog to shit my 7 year old says. I have a landing page up there. Eh. Maybe I’ll just change the header on this page and cross out the 6 and put a 7, whilst leaving the blog as shit my 6 year old says. Don’t want to lose my followers. That’s what happened when I went from 5 to 6. People get comfortable with a follow and don’t want to be hassled to RSS or email that sh*t up again. I understand. Completely!

What do you all think?

Anyway, (deep breath) after missing the school bus, driving Jack to school, going to work, working out at lunch, going home to meet the bus again, driving to get our Christmas tree, coming home and putting UP the tree, LIGHTING it, watering it and skirting it and such, making dinner, feeding the cats and then going to Tae Kwon Do and then putting Jack to bed and writing the above random mess…I hear the pitter patter of little feet coming down the stairs.

me: Heyyyy, what’s going on?

Jack: I’m scared?

me: Why? Come on let’s go back up to bed.

Jack: I’m scared of my shots when I turn 7 next month! And the finger prick!

me: Remember we talked about this? I won’t let them do the finger prick if you’re going to freak out. I promised you.

Jack: But you’ll forget!

me: Won’t you remind me? I won’t let them hurt you.

Jack: Promise!

me: Pinky swear promise.

Jack: And we can leave if they try?

me: Definitely. We’ll say no thank you, and we’ll walk out.

Jack: There’s no way you’re gonna remember that. You better write a note for yourself.

me: Thanks.