He does more before 7am than most people do all day

(Bootcamp Mack)

Jack: Wake up!

me: (one eye opening slowly, peering at the alarm clock) 7:00? Yayyyy Jack, you finally had a good night’s sleep! (this kid has been waking up before the birds for the last few weeks)

Jack: (jumping up on the bed to begin “tickle torture”) What? No I didn’t. I already played quietly from 5:29 until 6:01, then read my book until 6:31, then watched 20 minutes of Toy Story. (he starts bouncing on the mattress). I ate breakfast already too! Now what can I do?????

me: (pulling the blanket over my head, wondering what his room and the kitchen might look like now…)Β  Guess you can go get in the car.

Jack: Heyyyyy…!