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12 days of Duhhhhh…

This has nothing to do with anything. It's just what we had for dinner. I have a great recipe if you're interested! 🙂



Back to the post about duh. I can’t tell you how many times I hear that phrase now. Duhhhh. DUH! You are so DUHhhhhhh! Stop being duh. It makes me absolutely crazy. It’s now one of the words that gets Jack in trouble. I think I said it for at least 17 years growing up. But now it just aggravates that crap out of me. Doesn’t he get that already?? Duhhhhh…!!!

Jack: Can I watch a video?

me: It’s time for dinner in a few minutes…

Jack: But it’s not dinner right now so I can watch right? Duhhhh!

me: Stop saying DUH.

Jack: You just said it so why don’t you stop saying it to me?

me: (warning look and tone) Jack, I don’t like it. It’s rude. So stop saying it.


me: I didn’t even raise my voice. You’re actually yelling. So stop that also.

Jack: Duhhh, you made me yell.

me: That’s two warnings for Duh. One more and no video at all.

Jack: But you just said it to ME!!!!

me: Can you please stop talking back. Just listen the first time.

Jack: Yeah if you stop yelling at me. Du…(he catches himself)

me: What’s that? Got something to add?

Jack: If you trick me into saying DUH to you then it’s not really my fault if I say DUH, because I didn’t mean it and I’m not saying DUH anymore so can I still watch a video?

me: Nice way to say it 3 times. It’s time for dinner.

Jack: Why didn’t you tell me that?? DUHHHH!!!

me: Sigh…