My Camo Household

I took this photo of Moca tonight… (can you see her?) haha…

and it reminded me of a photo I took of Jack about 6 years ago! He was “hiding” from me. 

Jack: Moca is the ultimate turkey. 

me: Yes she is.

That’s what we call Moca when she stretches out like that, a big turkey haha.

I’m surprised I had enough brain cells to remember that post and photo from so long ago. 🙂

Goodnight and I hope you can find your sons and puppies!


Purple, Purple, Purple

I’m not a purple person, or even a pink person. We love camo, gray, black, brown, tan, beige, but no girly colors have infiltrated my house! Jack has been messing with me lately (wait, lately??) and just saying random girly colors when I try to have a normal conversation with him. Grrrr!

me: Hey come here and let me fix your belt. I want to see power today in class, okay?

Jack: Purple.

me: I’m serious, just focus and have a great class.

Jack: Purple.

me: Fine, go! (he runs off)

Jack: (mouthing from across the room) Purple!

me: (shaking my head) I have no idea what he’s doing.

Jack: (using the sign language alphabet) P-I-N-K (he spells it out and then runs over to me for “double” kisses)

me: Ha ha. Very funny. What are you talking about Jack? Was “purple” too hard to sign?

Jack: Hey, you’re making fun of me! But don’t worry, you’re the best Mom in the world so I don’t take you too seriously.

I still have no idea what he’s thinking in that head of his. Any ideas??


He lies still. Barely breathing. He waits.


Jack: Ahahahhahahahaaaaaaaa!!

me: Seriously Jack, get up off the floor and stop blending in!

Jack: You really couldn’t see me?

me: I wasn’t expecting you to be hiding face down on the rug, that’s all. Sheesh.

Jack: (he sits on the rug) Can you see me now?

me: Well, yeah. You’re talking.

Jack: (puts his face in the rug) How about now?

me: I know you’re there, so the element of surprise is gone. Hey, that’s where ED puked.

Jack: (sighs disgustedly and stomps out of the room) This whole house is SOOOO GROSS!!!!