A day in Provincetown 

Oh how we’ve missed you Provincetown since last year. Scott Cakes, the anchor, beach glass, seafood, and the colorful people. 

We spent the day eating, beach combing, and wandering the streets ducking into whatever shop caught our eye.

Jack got a piano lesson from a stranger, I bought and then returned a box of melted saltwater taffy, we ate roasted Brussels sprouts of all things, I drove down commercial street, we watched a movie being filmed, and I helped a British guy discover that he could untangle the two horseshoes and a ring puzzle in the puzzle store. 


Jack: There was a British guy?

me: Gah, you scared me. Stop reading as I type. Yes there was a British guy. (I didn’t realize that Jack was watching over my shoulder as I posted this!)

He is now hysterical because he is grabbing me leg and making mushy sounds. Sigh. Time for the beatings to begin. 



Speaking in (hash) tongues

On our way home from Cape Cod today, I decided to take a detour down to Woods Hole just to see a different coastline and to visit Nobska Lighthouse, which is really beautiful and authoritative, sitting on a solid shoulder of rocky, scrub-bushy land.

It was worth the little bit of extra time to me, but not to Jack, who was promised use of the iPad once we crossed the Bourne Bridge off the Cape. To show his displeasure, he spoke only in hashtags the entire way. Here’s a sampling.

Jack: Why are we doing thisss?? Hashtag Boredoutofmymind!

I want to go straight home!! Hashtag

I’m not getting out of the car at the stupid lighthouse! Hashtag Makingmegotosomecrapplaceidontwannago!





Go to Australia Where They Have Better Reception

I have no idea why Jack screamed that at the ocean yesterday…but he did. We were playing catch. I don’t ask questions any more.

Anyway…We kept moving yesterday and today because there is so much to see on the Cape and we only have 2 days left!

I went for a 6-mile or so run while my mom watched Jack. It was so needed! I took some great photos as always. The light is amazing early in the morning.

Later on, Jack and I ate lunch again at Mac’s Seafood on the pier. Fresh seared tuna wrap. OMG. So flipping good. We spent more time on the beach and in town, and visited Uncle Tim’s Bridge, which leads to an island in the middle of the marsh. We had a quick hike up to the top and got to view the town from up high. We then visited the used book store down the road called Herridge’s. Jack and I can both get lost in a book store for quite awhile, and we both picked out some good books.

Some down time at the house followed and we both dug into our new books. Jack is a super fast reader and he is already finished with his! (Maybe I can coerce him into another book review! 🙂

Side note: we are watching a show about how bad Russian drivers are. It’s scary to see how these guys drive. I remember my cab driver scaring us quite a bit in Moscow.

We visited a museum in a Eastham for a short while but they were closing. 😦

We then met a friend and hit Nauset Beach, Nauset Lighthouse and the three sisters…a group of lighthouses preserved in a little park near the beach. Some hackey sack on the beach gave us some more exercise.

We ate a good dinner out and spent probably more than I needed to, but I really wanted those Wellfleet oysters. Can’t beat em.

Today we mostly stayed in town going to the beach and playground and skate park.

Jack is now begging for a new skateboard for $130 and yeahhh… no? Can’t afford.

Jack: But mom, just listen. Don’t say anything. I think I would rather have the cruising board to just go around town. I’m not that good at tricks and like I think I’d get more use out of the cruising board?

me: It costs too much.

Jack: But I promise I won’t ask for anything else again for a veryyyyy long time. Like maybe 6 months!!!!

Sigh. I’m sure I’ll hear more about it tomorrow!

We took one trip to the National Seashore Museum and watched a couple short films about Cape Cod.

We had lunch on the beach and dinner at the house. There were lots of leftovers to use up from all the meals we’ve been having!

Jack peeked in the freezer…

Jack: Hey, I’m not eating these ice cream bars . They’re called Red Sox bars!!!

me: So we’ll chew em to pieces! (I didn’t care what they were called, I was gonna eat one. ha ha)

Jack: Yeah we hate the Red Sox so we’ll chew em up! (He was also looking for any excuse to eat the bars!)

Needless to say they were good. Now, we couldn’t leave any Red Sox bars behind, because we supposedly hate them. So of course, we each ate two and then threw the box away.

Okay time for bed. I am beat!





Best everything ever








Jack and I are waaaayy out on Cape Cod. Wellfleet. We’ve been coming here regularly for about 6 years. Staying in the same house, same week of September if we can get it. Same same same. Why? Because it’s the best ever.

September has always been my favorite month. My birthday is in September and that is always referred to as the best day ever!! So there are lots of “bests” happening right now.

Best weather. Ever. We’ve never had a bad weather week on the Cape in September.

Best food. Omg. Fried clams and oysters in Wellfleet. Chowdah in Yarmouth. Seafood. Sushi. Scott Cakes cupcakes in Provincetown! Etc!!

Best house ever. Just see the pics.

Best people. So nice and laid back.

Best art ever. Wellfleet is the artsy town. Dozens of galleries and specialty shops. Sighhh.

Best beaches. And beach glass.

But really, if you haven’t been out to the wrist on the Cape Cod arm, you are really missing a sublime vacation.

me: What’s your favorite thing about the Cape?

Jack: I’m not telling you. This is for your blog isn’t it?

me: Maybe…

Jack: It’s private! I’m not telling you.

me: Ok. But what do you really like about the Cape.

Jack: Everything! (Pauses) Heyyyy!

me: Ha!







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Hump Day


Because it’s Wednesday and because I heard the Humpty Dance today on my way to the gym. Ahh memories of my friend’s Saint Bernard as it goosed me with it’s nose (and then tried to hump my leg) every Friday night when I went to my friend Karin’s house to get ready to go out to a club. This was Abner’s theme song for sure. When I heard the song I tried to post something on her facebook page but my stupid phone wasn’t connecting to anything. Ah technology just a few tiny years later…

Okay, what was I going to talk about today you ask? I have a few random things to cover and then I thought I would post a few photos to catch you all up on things. I’m behind, I know it. No need to get all crazy about it now.

Here are just a couple of “interesting” things Jack said while on vacation with me in Cape Cod last week. Enjoy!

Jack: There is NOTHING slimier than my armpit. And I mean nothing. And there is nothing rockier and harder than my head. (as he knocks on his forehead).

Jack: (after I told him a story I made up) I grade that story a B+. Not enough content but interesting enough. Good conclusion! The better grade you have the better Mommy you are. And the more I will respect you. (wtf)

(We went to Duck Harbor to see the sunset. I carried chairs, sand toys, snacks, our water bottles, 2 towels, Jack’s sweatshirt and my camera and phone. I tripped and plodded along in the deep sand, hurrying to get over the dune so that we wouldn’t miss the sunset.) Jack: Ahhhh this is SO relaxing to just walk right into the sunset.

And here are a few photos. Not all are from Cape Cod, but I’m sure you can tell which are which. Any questions, just ask!



Cape Cod Days 2 – 4

Could it be any nicer out here?? Sunny. 70-80 every day. Wind died down from all the storms that happened in other parts of New England this past weekend. Eating tons of seafood. My hair is 10 shades lighter. See? Good all around!

I forgot that Jack doesn’t have school on Monday so he kindly reminded me. 🙂 His teacher didn’t have any assignments or homework prepared ahead of time so we didn’t even have to keep up with that. Though it’ll suck when he gets back… I won’t mention that part to him. Why ruin a good trip.

Here are some highlights of the last few days:
– Sushi at Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet
– A day spent at Long Pond (one of the many freshwater ponds
on the Cape)
– Watched the sunset last night at Duck Harbor (I seriously will
post photos when I’m back.)
– Skating at the Wellfleet skate park every day (Jack has been
going up and down some small ramps)
– Provincetown a few more times (just because it’s awesome and
it’s THE place to find beach glass)
– Many visits to the surf shop in town. Jack’s new BFF is the owner.
– Mayo Beach again

Jack: Why don’t we just buy a house out here and live here?

me: Where would I work?

Jack: Mom, you don’t have to work because we’d be always on VACATION! Duhhh.

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Cape Cod vacation update

Photos to come!

We just got here yesterday but it feels like we’ve done a week’s worth of activities already! Those are the best kinds of vacations in my opinion…

Day 1:
Wellfleet skate park – Jack shredded the half pipe. His words.
Mac’s Seafood – Jack…hot dog and fries, me… Clam strips. Oreos for dessert!
Mayo beach – looking for beach glass and treasures
Wellfleet Ocean – seal watching and shark lookout
Great pond – dug to China and then made a moat. Warmest water ever!
Wellfleet Town Pizza – yum! Half cheese half mushroom.
Wellfleet town center – visited Sick Day surf shop and Abiyoyo toys plus General store.
Wallace and Grommit Window Washer episode…

Day 2:
Orleans for skate pads (closed)
Sick Day for skate pads (closed)
Fort Hill historical and scenic area in Eastham
Provincetown! Oh yeah! Must see: Scott Cakes
Provincetown harbor for beach glass hunting
Provincetown skate park
Truro beach – tons of seals!
Mac’s Shack for lobster and sushi. Saw double rainbow. Ice cream for dessert.
Duck Harbor for sunset viewing!

Tomorrow, my guesses are:
Sunrise at Wellfleet ocean side 6:15am
Box Lunch for breakfast
Sick Day surf shop for more cool videos of surfing
Beach day! Ocean then possibly Long Pond.
Cape Cod national seashore museum in Eastham
Bike Trail – bike for Jack, Rollerblades for me
Orleans for skate pads
Drive-in movie oh yeah!

See how the time goes?

Jack: This cupcake is the best thing I ever ate.

me: Oh man this is good!

Jack: Can we get more?

me: I could eat these until I puked.

Jack: Totally… And then I’d eat more.

me: Hahaha!!! But seriously, we are coming back here this week omg…

Jack: Totally…

Then we talked about the cupcakes again all night. The place is Scott Cakes in Provincetown. They only sell one kind of cupcake. One. And you will love this one kind. Golden cake with whipped pink buttercream frosting. Mouth watering as I type this. The sign says if you have just one, that’s all it takes. Omg it’s true!! Drool. It’s so soft and moist you can barely hold onto it.

Go ahead… Say it.
“That’s what she said.”
There. Feel better now?