Okay, some updates before Irene hits

She’s a biotch or so I’m hearing. I have a few updates to various things and I have to get them out before we lose power. 2 million without power in Virginia. Wow. I have a flashlight and a case of water. Think I need anything else? Sigh…

Well, Jack took his blue belt test on Friday, with a fractured arm! He did great. I however totally flubbed my green belt test. I passed, but for some reason, right in the middle of doing my form, which I have memorized like the back of my hand, I got dizzy or something so I sort of stumbled and looked down. Dammit. But still, I broke that board like an S.O.B! I asked when I would be able to work with the weapons (which usually comes at a higher belt). The master said, Um, I think you’re ready now. LOL! Do I have aggression? Yeah! Do I have a need to hit things? Hell yeah! Should I be trusted with martial arts weaponry? Probably not…

We also had a funny thing happen last week. Remember our caterpillar Chewbacca, and how he hatched into the most gorgeous white fluffy moth? I have more pictures of the release. We took the basil stalk out of the butterfly house and set it on the deck table. He kind of dried his wings for a bit. We got bored. We went in for a few minutes. When we came back he was gone. Bye Chewbacca! Then I grabbed the basil stalk to chuck it, and lo and behold, another totally different type of caterpillar was clinging to its branches. This one was green and smooth. I put it into the butterfly house, same setup as Chewbacca. Sigh. Am I a caterpillar safe house now? Jack named it Basil because it’s green and smooth and eats basil. Brilliant. Two days later, it cocoons. So I’ve included some photos of THAT. It’s like totally happening over here, let me tell you. I think Bloomberg is yapping on TV… The rains have begun and they’re so mad!

Jack: Will our roof get ripped off?

me: No.

Jack: Are we gonna have a bad flood?

me: No, we’re on a hill.

Jack: Is the power going out for days and days?

me: Probably not. We’re prepared if it does.

Jack: Sigh. Will school be closed forever??

me: Maybe just the first day. But you’ll have to make it up next summer.

Jack: Sighhh, what’s the point of a stupid Hurricane then! Sorry!


(click to enlarge the photos. Especially the moth ones, they’re so cool!)

Jack's last moves as a purple belt
Jack's breaking technique - Hook Kick
Jack's the only one looking at me.
Lookit the little fuzzy face
Too bad we didn't get to see him fly for the first time
The NEW caterpillar "Basil"
Basil's little cocoon. Wonder what he will grow up to be?

Moths get a bad rap

We found Chewbacca! (the caterpillar). Scroll down in that older post a bit, you’ll find the photo of Chewbacca before the transformation.

I thought he had buried himself in the bowl of dirt I placed in the butterfly house. So when I tried to add some water to the basil plant I had stuffed in there, I almost inadvertently knocked Chewbacca right off the leaf he had cocooned himself on. He’s all fuzzy and snug in his little home, while he grows wings and whatnot. How cool is that!??? I was very excited. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was not shared.

me: Jack! Guess what I found?

Jack: My dart with the blue tip that goes on the cross-bow?

me: Uh, no. Look!

Jack: What’s that?

me: Chewbacca!

Jack: Who cares.

me: This is our caterpillar! He didn’t bury himself in the dirt like we thought, he made a cocoon on the leaf here.

Jack: So.

me: I thought you would be excited. Pretty soon we’ll have a little moth we can set free.

Jack: Who cares about moths. It’s not like he’s gonna be a butterfly or anything.


Blackmail. Wait? What?

What Ed does best. Napping.

Jack: (reading. what else.) Blackmail! Awesome! They’re gonna blackmail the babysitter. Ha hahahahahaaaaaa!

me: (waiting)

Jack: Mom?

me: Yeah?

Jack: What is blackmail anyway?

me: It’s when you force someone to do something because you’ll tell on them or get in trouble or something.

Jack: Oh this is SOOOO funny! They’re gonna blackmail the babysitter so she doesn’t make them go to bed early.

me: Cool. It’s not usually a nice thing, by the way…

(later at dinner)

Jack: You have to give me 5 dollars or I’m gonna blackmail you and tell Dad.

me: Tell Dad WHAT?

Jack: Tell him you won’t give me 5 dollars of course!

me: (spitting my drink out laughing) Jack you’re priceless.

Jack: Matter of fact, make it 8 dollars.

(Love this kid. How can you not?)

Anyway I also want to update you on our third pet “Chewbacca” the caterpillar. Remember the basil poop? (Yeah you have to scroll down in that post…) Well, that little guy is here to stay. He’s got a slammin’ apartment and everything. Basically eats and poops while I add more food and clean up more poop as he gets bigger. He (she? it?) was green and little. Then he turned white. Then brown! All signs point to him Moth-ing soon. I put a tub of dirt in his house in case he’s the kind of thing that digs when he has to moth. Not sure if he’s the hanging kind of mothy-type-of-guy. Whatever those words are, feel free to correct me. Chrysalis? Molt? Pupate? Eh, you get the drift. I will keep you all posted due to the collective holding of breath. I know. It IS exciting. πŸ™‚

So on with the show! And some extra pictures just because. Because you’re here reading. That’s why!

Oh and I lost a toenail in tae kwon do tonight. Just wanted to tell…someone!

Look! He's big! And brown!
Very comfortable abode.
Wading in a pond up in MA last weekend. Turns out pond was closed for "contamination", but the sign had fallen over.
Cloud that looks like shoes I bought. See it? Pointy toe on the left, wedge heel on the right. Ankle strap??
What Bella does best. She's always right "here" (point-point).

Finger prick

I don’t mean that in a bad way… πŸ™‚

I just put Jack to bed. For the 3rd time. Anyone else having nights like this?

Jack: Mom, I’m afraid!

me: Aww, there’s nothing to be afraid of! (I thought the Calvin and Hobbes “monsters under the bed” cartoons were finally getting to him.)

Jack: Yes there is. They’re going to do a finger prick to get blood at my 7-year-old checkup!

me: Jack, that’s like 7 months away…

Jack: But I don’t like it! I would rather get another shot than do a finger prick.

me: Maybe we can ask them to take blood from your arm instead.

Jack: A finger prick IN MY ARM??!!!!

me: Sigh. No I mean, use a needle, since you’re not afraid of those anymore.

Jack: Oh. Can they do that?

me: We can ask. Why not? Most kids are afraid of the shots and not the finger prick. You’re the opposite.

Jack: I’m always the opposite.

me: Tell me something I don’t know.

Jack: If they don’t allow blood to come out of my arm, we’re getting out of that place and you’re driving me home.

me: Okay. It’s a deal. (Can they take blood from your arm?? I think it’s just from your wrist, right? Ah, crap. Well I have 7 months to work this out.)

Jack: Okay, thanks…

me: Goodnight.

Jack: Goodnight.

me: (almost made it out of the room)…

Jack: Mom!

me: Yeahhh?

Jack: I feel nauseous and I don’t like counting sheep and I’m not tired!

me: Sighhhh…

But alas, I finally did make it out alive. Jack’s going to be tired tomorrow. He woke me up at 5:39 today. So actually I’LL be tired tomorrow.


And for those of you (2) that participated in my basil pooping plant contest, Ha, I will now show you the answer to the mystery. What are the little drops that keep falling off my cut stems of basil? Hmm?? HMMMM!!???


Caterpillar poop! Or pooplets as the case may be. See??

Who's the cute little fuzzy guy living in my kitchen??

Deal with it. I’m not a contest organizer. And if any of you know anything about caterpillars, he turned white in the last day. WTF. Is he turning into a moth or something? We have a butterfly house. Should we stuff him and the basil in it? Keep him as a pet? Should I let him go? Ahhhhh!! Is this inhumane???

Earlier this week…

me: Aww, Jack this carpenter ant is still alive. I think Bella mangled him. (Shut up. Yes I save carpenter ants.)

Jack: Awwww, poor little guy!

me: Should we kill him and put him out of his misery?

Jack: NO! Is he going to get better?

me: I’m afraid not. He might be suffering.

Jack: Let’s put him outside in a comfy spot and he’ll die on his own.

me: Do you think that’s better than helping him so he doesn’t suffer?

Jack: That’s always better. You have to die on your own Mom.

me: Really? I always want to help.

Jack: We’re not supposed to help.

Jack was very convincing. We placed the ant in a shady spot on the deck. When we came back a few minutes later he was curled up and dead. The ant. Jack said “See? He did it on his own.” I once hit a squirrel with my car, very severely, and I went back to “finish him off”. It was just about the most sickening thing I’ve ever done. Should I have left him there? Even I’m learning things from this little 6-year-old.