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Mr. Brainwash


Aw, remember when he was young and cute? And didn’t ask for much. Sigh.


Jack: You owe me $5.00.

me: For what?

Jack: My allowance. You forgot it last week. And this week. So… $10.

me: Wait, didn’t you use your allowance to pay for part of something I bought you last week?

Jack: Oh, and you owe me $20 for helping rake the leaves.

me: But you never finished. AND, I helped you so you didn’t really do all the raking I asked you to do.

Jack: BUT, I was going to do it AND I didn’t ask you to help me, AND you decided on your own to help AND we agreed it was $20. Can I have it now?

me: Go brush your teeth.


A woman’s work is never done. Ever.

Jack: What does that even MEAN?

me: A woman’s work is never done? That?

Jack: Yeah.

me: You tell me. Do you ever see me sitting down with my feet up holding a cup of tea, doing nothing?

Jack: You’d be drinking tea.

me: Not getting into semantics wise guy. What do you think it means? What are the top 10 reasons a woman’s work is never done?

Jack: Cuz of a kid?

me: That’s 1.

Jack: Cuz of a kid!

me: Yes, that would be 1 and 2! Next…

Jack: Because of your life?

me: I guess. I did choose this. Hmmm… So that’s 3.

Jack: Because the cats pee and poop in your bed now?

me: Sigh. It’s just Ed. Thanks for reminding me. That could be the rest of the list actually.

Jack: And what about loud noises and clanging from your kid?

me: That’s woman’s work?

Jack: Well you have to come in and tell me to stop it.

me: Correct. That’s number 5. Five more reasons why a woman’s work is never done. Come on you can do it!

Jack: Well you can rest at your desk at work and fall asleep.

me: Uh, nooooo I can’t.

Jack: That’s 6. Seven is A Man’s Work is Done When He Gets Home!

me: Ha ha! So true.

Jack: Dad and I just sit around watching Star Wars all day. ha ha ha!

me: Sigh. What’s 8?

Jack: Um, I’m glad I’m not a woman because her work is never done.

me: Smart boy. Nine?

Jack: You have to clean up toys mostly. That’s 9.

me: And 10? What’s the biggest most important thing that I do every waking moment of every day?

Jack: Chores for EVERYone. Even Dad. And he doesn’t even live here any more.

me: Amen sister.

Jack: Heyyyy! I’m not your sister!