Happy Christmas Eve!

How’s everyone doing out there? Sitting in front of Cheers reruns with a belly full of chocolate chip cookies?? Nah, me either…

We had an interesting holiday so far… Jack got an iPod (early!) a Diablo game (almost busted the TV), and a sugar buzz ahem from the chocolate chip cookies (we have been off sugar since September). We let him open a present from me and a present from Grandma… And he still has a few more to open 🙂

I even have a present under the tree! And I bought myself a crock pot. In which I made some short ribs for dinner… Mmm…

I’m getting ready to wrap the presents for Jack’s stocking… Yawn.., want to help?

Here are a few tidbits that I heard today…

Jack seemed a little gassy and I told him to stop being gross about it. Boys love bodily sounds… Ugh …

Jack: Listen to the glorious sound of nature!

We were headed into the store and Jack saw the sign that said No shirt No shoes No service.

Jack: No shoes, no shirt, but they didn’t say anything about pants!!!

We got a few stares after he yelled that…

He is currently upstairs falling asleep and dreaming of a full stocking (or two) when he wakes up.

Omg, now who is going to eat the cookies that we left out for Santa???

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Eve of Christmas Eve

me: You get to open one present on Christmas Eve.

Jack: Can I shake them?

me: Gently okay?

Jack: I can’t figure out what this one is.

me: It’s something you need.

Jack: Do YOU think it’s something i need or do I think it’s something I need? If its you then I definitely am not opening that gift.

me: Sigh. We both think you need it. No more hints. Let’s go get cleaned up. Bath or shower? If you pick bath I have a treat for you.

Jack: Bath!

me: Check it out. (I fill the tub and turn on the jacuzzi jets. I haven’t done that for Jack yet.)

Jack: Is this a jacuzzi? Woaahh. My life is gooood! Hear this…showers are now extinct!!!!