Cats and computers

Jack: Is Spectre a boy? (that’s our neighbor’s cat)

me: Yep.

Jack: How do you know?

me: They told us he’s a boy.

Jack: How did THEY know.

me: Maybe the person that gave them Spectre told them.

Jack: Oh. Then how do we know Paulina is a girl? (neighbor’s dog)

me: Again, they told us she’s a girl, remember? And she has a girl’s name.

Jack: But how do we know if no one ever tells us!

me: Boy dogs have a penis. Girl dogs don’t. Same goes for cats.

Jack: You really don’t have to tell me the gross stuff.

me: You asked.


Jack: I really want a computer.

me: For what?

Jack: So I can do my work. I would get really really good grades if I had a computer.

me: You already have good report cards. How will a computer help?

Jack: I can look up stuff, and check my information.

me: You know you can borrow my computer anytime you need to look something up.

Jack: I don’t like borrowing. I like using and keeping and owning.