1,200 million and other maths

Jack: Oh that’s totally one thousand two hundred million.

Friend: That’s not a real number.

Jack: Of course it is. Don’t you know math?

Friend: I know math. I learn it in school. I don’t know if that’s real.

Jack: Oh it’s real alright. You’re just younger than me cuz I’m 7.

Friend: I’m gonna be 7 in 2 months!

Jack: See? You’re waaaayyyy younger than me. It’s okay, you’ll learn math soon. (mildly condescending eh?)

Friend: I learn math now! It’s just a big number that I don’t know.

Jack: Yeah, it’s close to a billion. Like right near that number. Sooo….

Friend: I don’t know. Maybe we should just call it a million.

Jack: (shaking his head with a smirk) Nah…You’ll see when you grow up in 2 months. It’ll all make sense.