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Summer is … where exactly??


I had 10 titles picked out for this blog (and seriously I meant to post for like what, a week now??) but I sat down (ahem on my BIRTHDAY ahem) and decided to type on my actual COMPUTER for once instead of my phone, and then I just looked out the window at the rainy foggy morning and realized tomorrow is the first day of Fall. Making this the LAST FREAKING DAY OF SUMMER!

(P.S. I feel like I’m going to use LOTS of brackets and CAPS in this post, and also lots of “asides”, and maybe lots of “quotes”). This is how an old brain works, people! We think of things as we’re doing other things and then we forget the things we are really supposed to be doing and then, when we’re doing the thing that we’re probably NOT supposed to be doing because we forgot the REAL thing we should be doing, we suddenly remember the real thing, and … wait, what? So, yeah, I’m typing this post EXACTLY like that sentence up there. Point-Point.

Yawn. I could totally sleep all day. But then I’d feel guilty.

Because, as I may have mentioned… today is my birthday. Did you catch that up there? I did not get breakfast in bed, which is kind of a blessing really (sorry Jack…but sometimes the mess is you know…pretty bad). However, I also did not get a hand drawn card either. 😦  I told Jack he needs to draw me something extra special today. Hopefully he can find time in his busy day. Right now he’s playing XBox, Lego City Undercover with his friend.

And, here I sit with messy hair, and a cup of DECAF coffee (because caffeine makes me insane), with NON-DAIRY CREAMER FAKE POOFY POWDER (because now milk makes my intestines insane haha) and I’m typing this post in weird non-correct English half grammatically correct sentences. But I bet you can all follow me just fine because this is how we express ourselves these days.

Anyway, what has Jack been doing? Well, as you know we’ve been on vacation a few times. This last one to the Cape was really hard to come back from because it was insanely perfect and because we were both insanely busy when we got back. (I’ve used “insane” like way too many times already in this post.)

I think we’ve both just finally caught up with our school work and work-work, and my brain freed up a little space and then I looked at my blog posts and realized, whoa, 9/11 was the last one. Did anyone really really miss me? I wonder… hmmmm…

Regardless, here I am!  Don’t all cheer at once!

On Friday night Jack and I rented the movie Mom’s Night Out. Corny but had some funny stuff in it. Jack LOVED it and wanted to watch it again, but no. Once is enough. It’s a “Red Box” rental (for those of you not familiar, or living in other countries !  …it’s a $1.00 rental box located in most grocery stores, etc). Though, the $1.00 rental ends up costing me like $20 because I keep forgetting to return it. Like now for instance. It’s sitting on the table. I rented it Friday. I’m up to $3.00 already. Sigh. But for normal people it’s a cheap alternative to going to the movies.

As we picked out the movie at the store, we had this exchange…

Jack: (looking at a movie title) Mom, have we been to Transylvania!!??

me: Nooooo.

Jack: But we’ve been to Pennsylvania right? That’s pretty much the same thing?

I laughed. 🙂

Then Jack went over and weighed his thumb on the produce scale and tried to tell me that his thumb weighed 3 pounds. As he pushed it down as hard as he could of course.

Yesterday we drove up to (cue the banjos) the BIG E! (Eastern States Exposition). They may have banjos there, but since they feature farm animals and large pumpkin contests, people down here (nearer to NYC) think it’s hee-haw-ville. Which it is not. Though there were quite a few people in work boots and torn t-shirts who may or may not have had all of their teeth. Hopefully I’ll go back in this post and insert links for y’all so you can see the wondrous Big E. We had a tiring but fun day eating fried food that we loved (oreos, bananas) and riding rides and playing games and and and seeing farm animals and and watching horse shows! I got all hyper just remembering it! Jack and his friend each won a stuffed Scooby-Doo dog, so they were even Steven, and no fighting was heard!

On the way up in the car, they were talking and Jack discovered this problem and decided to solve it.

Jack: You know… “ASAP” does NOT mean do something as quick as possible!! Why does everyone mean it like that!? It means “Do It As Soon As Possible”. What if that’s like in a week? That’s not a rush.

me: You’re right. At work, if I ask someone to do something, but I don’t really need it right away, I say “asap” and then they end up doing it right away. Oh well, I should only use it when it’s critical!

(is this the longest post or what?)

They kept talking in the back seat and it was so funny to listen to them. Mostly they forget that a “grown up” is even in the car, as if it’s hurtling along by itself or something. Interspersed between the grunts of their combined Minecraft efforts I heard this:

Friend: Do you know that Connecticut is called the invention state?

Jack: Actually it’s the Constitution state, but okayyy?

Did I know either of those CT facts? Hmmm. haha.

I will leave you with a few photos to amuse yourselves!

Jack’s Halo character…