And the Christmas Season is upon us…

…whether we are ready or not.

Decorations came out BEFORE Halloween this year. Remember? The Christmas music started actually Thanksgiving NIGHT on some radio stations. We can barely get through one holiday before starting the next. I don’t even think about Christmas or decorations or anything until the calendar at least says December. Unless of course it’s a warmish long weekend over Thanksgiving and I want to get a jump on the lights. Heh Heh.

We literally put up one strand on a light post. That’s it folks. Come and see it! Though ours isn’t synced to music like some of our neighbors. Really.

Jack and I drove home the other night from TKD class and saw the homes ablaze with festivity!

me: Wow Jack take a look at that house!

Jack: Well, that’s quite an extravaganza! I wonder what their electric bill is?

He made the disdainful clucking noise that older people make when they see wasted resources.