Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

Come on, who’s old like me?? Theme song anyone? A 3-hour tour? Eh? Okay, Gilligan’s Island is the show. And this is the topic for tonight’s post boys and girls.

You’re on a deserted island. We don’t know how you got there. We don’t even care. But you’re there. Maybe you’re alone, maybe you have some friends. But what you don’t have is food. Or water. And it’s hot out. You’re starting to get sunburned and your lips are cracking from thirst. Later you’ll be hungry, oh yeah you will, but right now all you can think about is fresh water. (These lime Tostitos are NOT helping right now. Cough.)

Jack: Mom, if you were trapped on a deserted island and you could pick any one food, what would it be?

me: Hmmm, let me see…

Jack: Or one food AND one drink. Or even two drinks. You pick!

me: I don’t think I would pick two drinks because then I’d be hungry. So only one of them would be a drink.

Jack: I know you’ll pick water, water, water, so just pick another drink for a change.

me: Okay, I’m thinking…

Jack: One food and one drink.

me: Yeah, I know! I think I would pick eggs.

Jack: Eggs.

me: Yeah.

Jack: Of any food in the world.

me: I think so. Protein. I like them. Um, I don’t usually get sick of them.

Jack: Just eggs. Not eggs and toast?

me: That’s two foods.

Jack: Oh yeah. What’s your drink?

me: It can’t be water?

Jack: No.

me: Well I pick water anyway.

Jack: That’s cheating!

me: It’s my island!

Jack: No, it’s my island and you fell on it and I can grant you food wishes.

me: Ohhh, now we’re getting to the point here. What would your foods be.

Jack: Definitely the drink would be milk. The food would be honey.

me: Honey?? That’s not really a food.

Jack: Yes it is! Bees eat it and it never gets rotten. I read that!

me: True, but bleh…honey every day?

Jack: Okay, Mac and Cheese with extra cheese, and milk and … green beans and maybe chicken.

me: Helloooo… that’s way more than one food.

Jack: Remember. It’s my island. Sheesh.