Phone Calls

Happy Father’s Day

Jack is spending Father’s Day with Dennis…well the whole weekend that is…so I’ve been on my own. I drove to Mass to visit my Dad and family and it seems like all we’ve done is eat. Ugh!!!

It’s been so quiet without Jack and I actually freaked myself out on Saturday morning when I thought he was “missing”. The cats woke me up at 5am for food Grrrrr!! After I fed them I thought I heard jack walking upstairs. I was like Oh no, why is he up so early???

I started up the stairs and noticed that his door was open so I was confused because his light wasn’t on and his noise machine (air purifier) was off. When I got all the way up and saw that his room was empty and he wasn’t in the bathroom…I freaked out for about 5 seconds, as only a mom can do. Holy crap. My mind really played a trick on me, and I’m still slightly jittery when I’m home alone. My divorce was final on Tuesday so it really is a new feeling. Strange eh!

With that said I’ll leave you with a snippet of our phone call this morning. Dennis was taking Jack to a friend’s birthday party. So precious.

Jack: Hi Mom.

me: Hi sweetie! Whatcha doing?

Jack: we went to (mumble mumble)

me: Oh I didn’t quite hear that…

Jack: Mumble Mumble!!

me: uhhh…still no…

Jack: What’s the address to the party?

me: Ohhh! I couldn’t hear you. Well I’m on a hike with your uncles right now so I don’t have the invitation. I emailed it to Daddy…

Jack: We’re driving! Helloooo!

me: Hey watch that tone! Put Daddy on…

Jack: He’s driving I said! That’s illegal!

me: Well you’ll just have to…


They hung up. Awesome right???



Jack: Mom, we have a SITCHEWATESHUN!

me: Why are you saying it like that with your eyes all bugged out?

Jack: Because I’m stressing that it’s a big SITCHEWATESHUN!

me: Okayyyyy… What’s going on?

Jack: Can you ever get an EX divorce?

me: (uh oh) Huh???

Jack: Like to cancel the divorce?

me: Is that what you’re thinking about? You want Mommy and Daddy to be together?

Jack: Only because you’re being nicer to each other.

me: (we are??) Ohhh, well it’s still a decision we’re sticking to sweetie, but I’m glad you think we’re being nicer. We want to be nicer for you so you’ll be happy.

Jack: Oh… (nothing more gets said)

(later, after we talked to his Dad on the phone, and my side of the conversation was perhaps NOT so nice)

Jack: You know, nevermind. The situation is over.

me: What now? The ex-divorce thing?

Jack: You and Daddy are still cranky so I think you made the right choice. Now can we stop talking about it?

me: (!)



KoKo’s two houses…yes I have more sh*t to say…

Or rather HE does. That little 6-year-old piece of work that I have over here. Tonight before bed we read a children’s book on divorce. Because YES people, this IS happening! Sigh. So it’s called something like KoKo bear’s two houses or something and the dad bear moves out and KoKo has to deal with having two homes and he keeps forgetting things at this dad’s and then in school he doesn’t know how to draw his family in art class. It’s a whole thing. KoKo gets angry and sad, and Jack sometimes says he feels those things, but overall he’s fine.

So to set the stage, Jack’s in bed all comfy and I’m sort of half squat-sitting on the edge of the bed due to the 4 fluffy comforters and the piles of “friends” that Jack has in there with him. I sometimes can’t see him in the giant pile of plush.

me: Do you ever get sad or angry like KoKo?

Jack: I’m okay.

me: Really?

Jack: Yeah because now I have two houses and Dad has XBox 360 sooo…

me: All is well in the universe.

Jack: Exactly. Is KoKo a boy or a girl bear?

me: Hmmmm, I would have to guess that it’s a He, because of the striped shirt and pants.

Jack: He’s holding a doll.

me: Then I would have to guess that He’s a She? (we both crack up) Or maybe it’s a He/She?

Jack: A he she? What the…? (he laughs harder)

me: Like it’s part girl and part boy, that way girls and boys can read the story…

Jack: I dunno mom, girl parts and boy parts? I may have to go look that up on Google.