Russia – Day 8 – St. Petersburg vs. Moscow

Some things became apparent when we arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday. Though Moscow is a very big bustling city, and everyone is dressed very stylishly (enough to make me feel like a slob even though I tried to look okay), and the cafes are nice, and it feels like NYC… well, St. Petersburg just feels … younger somehow. There is as much history here, but everything has a more upscale feel. St. Petersburg has cafes, but they are every 10 steps or so. We’ve eaten so much in the day and a half that we’ve been here, that it feels gluttonous. My brother and I lost serious weight in the last week in Moscow, and it’s not because they don’t eat. They do! We did! I’m not sure what it is exactly. We walked a lot more, ate less frequently, took in more sights and therefore had our days crammed with history and tours. Maybe that’s it.

In St. Petersburg, it feels a bit like Moscow on steroids. Everything is just a bit shinier, bigger and more plentiful. It’s sort of more metrosexual and there are iPads EVERYwhere.

We’ve eaten in 3 restaurants so far, and each time we’ve claimed that THIS place is our favorite. From yesterday’s meal at the Indian style restaurant, which I LOVEd by the way, to the early afternoon lunch we had today at a cafe called ZOOM…which was delicious, even though they were confused with our Russian/English crap talk and insisted that pasta carbonara was indeed the pasta with chicken, le sigh, all the way to our dinner tonight at a sushi restaurant, which by the way had the BEST waiter on the planet…we tipped that boy well, damn, we are eating well!  Even the lights are brighter here.

We took our boat cruise last night (see blurry photo at top!)…everyone fell asleep but moi, because I was hopped up on a month’s worth of caffeine. We saw the seven famous draw bridges and had cheesy saxophone music played for us while we sipped beer and couldn’t possibly order food beccause a) it was 1:30 a.m. b) we had just eaten the equivalent of 2 full meals each for dinner, and c) we realized we were out of cash. And not just rubles. American cash. Well not completely out. But at that “omg we’re going to be stuck here forever because we won’t have enough money to pay the cab driver to the airport” kind of panic. So we found the “bankomat” or “ATM” and figured out how to rack up serious fees in America. Can’t wait to come home to those statements! Actually I heard it’s not that bad. But we’ll see.

We took a bus tour around the city today and I really enjoyed it! The pre-recorded tape had lots of interesting tidbits about the city. Did you know that St. Petersburg has on average only 35 sunny days per year? Me either! It’s been cloudy both days so far. Kinda makes sense now. And Russians don’t wear sunglasses when it’s “off season”. So in Moscow, even when the sun is blinding, no one wears them. Hmmm…


I’m going to post only one or two photos, but please go back and visit my earlier posts because I photo’ed those biotches up! It’s about (yikes!) 1:13  a.m. here. I had NO caffeine today people, but it’s working its way out of my system.  Tomorrow we visit the Hermitage  museum. We were in the square today, and the museum was right in front of us, and how stupid are we…we don’t realize it, so we’re like “yeah, tomorrow we’ll have to figure out how to get to the Hermitage museum…it’s totally on the other side of the city I bet. We’ll have to take the subway…Heyyy what’s this cool green building here? Let’s get some pictures…” Duhhh!


I was able to talk to Jack at 12 a.m. Yayy! He seemed a lot happier and so did I. Only 4 more days until I get home.

Jack: Hi Mom, I went up to “great day” today.

me: Wow! That’s great! I’m proud of you. What have you been doing?

Jack: Dad’s on a call and hold on I have to get the cereal box. (he runs to the kitchen and comes back munching)

me: (straining to see through the skype window) Uh Jack? I think that’s the cereal that I was throwing out to the birds. It’s stale.

Jack: Eh, it’s okay. (munch munch)

me: Have you been taking good care of the kitties? Food, water and litter I mean?

Jack: Uhh…I’m not so sure about the water.

me: Hmmm, maybe go change it after we hang up.

Jack: Eh, it’s fine.

me: What do you want to do when I come home?

Jack: Go to the movies!!!

me: That’s a good plan!

Jack: And we can sleep in the hallway with sleeping bags.

me: ???


Gluttony, thy name is Jack

Jack: Mom, can I have some lemon blueberry bread?

me: Yes, but don’t forget we’re going out for breakfast…

Jack: I’ll still be hungry! (he of course eats two pieces with milk)

(later at breakfast)

Jack: Egg and cheese on toast please! (inhaled within a matter of minutes)

me: Did you finish?

Jack: Yep and almost all of the juice too!

Uncle Michael: (noticing Jack staring at his plate of french toast) You want to try some?

Jack: (nods)

Michael: (just slides the plate over and lets Jack eat) Sigh… I’ll go order another plate.


me: What do you want for lunch?

Jack: Cereal!

me: Well, maybe we should have a sandwich??

Jack: Cereal!

me: Fine eat the cereal. (he eats it)

Jack: Can I have another bowl?

me: Go ahead. (I’m not in a fighting mood. I make myself a huge salad)

Jack: I want salad!

me: Really? After all that? Okay, here you go.

Jack: (eats most of it and runs off to play)

Dennis: Jack, want to go to the pool?

Jack: Yay!

me: I’ll pack some snacks. (2 bags of Annie’s crackers and a plum)

Jack: That’s it?

me: Just eat it and don’t worry about it. We’ll have dinner when you come back.


Jack: I want the BIG cheeseburger.

me: He’s making me ill. Jack eat some veggies and dip.

Jack: I already did! (talking with a mouthful) Can I have a cookie after. And milk?

me: You still have room? Geez..yeah you can have one. One!

Jack: (eats it quickly) One more?

me: No.

Jack: Please???

me: No.

Jack: Just one more…

me: (I chuck another cookie on his plate) Here. Then you are SO done.

Jack: You’re the best!

me: And yet we’re still surprised that 50% of your free time is spent pooping.