10 Reasons Why We Like Pancakes

me: Pancakes for breakfast! Now tell me 10 reasons why we like to eat them for breakfast.

Jack: I want eggs for breakfast.

me: Sigh…


So I went ahead and made Jack “Grandpa Eggs”, which is just soft-boiled eggs cut up over toast. 4 and a half minutes of boiling, as Jack always reminds me. But since I had mentioned pancakes, I wanted some all to myself. Maybe I would have an egg with it. Or two.

I always hated hated hated my pancake recipe. I used a few cookbooks and they were all pretty much the same. I made sure to NOT over mix the batter, because lumps mean light and fluffy. My pancakes were always dry. Then I thought of Smitten Kitchen. Of course she had to have the best recipe in town. And she did. In my opinion. She adapted from the Martha Stewart cookbook, which also in my opinion has some great recipes.

Here’s the recipe.

Mix dry in one bowl, mix wet in another, then combine and VERY SLIGHTLY MIX KEEPING THE LUMPS. I add the milk to the bowl first, THEN the melted butter, then the eggs, so that the hot butter doesn’t scramble the eggs. Or you can let it cool down. But I’m usually in a freaken hurry when I want pancakes.

And here’s what mine looked like.

Not that pretty, but you will not care at all when you taste them. No need to put a pat of butter on top because they are buttery enough. And wait until you pull the leftovers out of the fridge. Seriously good with any kind of fruit preserve on top. Cold. Rolled up. Eaten while standing in front of the open fridge looking for the next snack.


Foto Friday – Eggs and Boobs

Made ya look!

First eggs.

Jack’s breakfasts are always interesting. We do at least 10 different styles of eggs that we rotate through, plus every kind of hot and cold cereal plus bagels, muffins etc. Eggs, however are Jack’s favorite. The cheesier the better. The leakier the better. Some people can’t handle it.

Jack: Can we have Grandpa eggs?

me: Not today, they take too much time.

Jack: You just have to boil them for 4 minutes!

me: Why do you know this?

Jack: Grandpa told me.

me: Sigh.

Scout Eggs






Egg whites and broccoli. Jack's absolute favorite!


As you can see, there is always a book present at breakfast. That hasn’t changed in the last few years.

And now for the boobies. Or as I like to call them “Cookies I delivered to Jack’s school for Valentine’s Day”. Anyone see the problem?

Jack: No one liked the sugar cookies with the … what do you call the decoration on top?

me: Uh… ?