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Me not Jack.

I haven’t blogged in awhile because life has been getting in the way AND when you’re a mom of a new teenager, they don’t always like what you post and INSIST on editorial approval, etc, etc, blah.. WYH. Was I so annoying at 13? Let’s not answer that.

Also, “they” read the posts with a little bit of laughter and reminiscing but mostly disdain, pointing out spelling errors and lack of fact checking on my part. Sometimes I’m being called out for lying. Or for being old with bad recall. Sheesh minor details. This is my blog and I’ll write it to the best of my recall abilities. Ahem.


It’s probably all true to some extent.


Jack: Can I read your blog?

(Another way for him to use a digital device before bed. Hmmm.)

mr: Sure, but just read random posts so you see some from all your different ages.

Jack: No I want to go in order starting with the newest.

me: Wellllll….

Jack: (Starts reading the blog and notices that my last post was in early May). Way to slack on posting, Mom!

me: Hey I’ve been busy.

Jack: (continues reading) This is a total lie…

me: Maybe I’ll post tonight…

Jack: (swiping down at lightning speed as he reads)… NOT true.

me: Geez, I can’t win…

Jack: Not true, Lie. OH that NEVER happened…

me: Sigh.

Conversations, Uncategorized

It’s gonna be May

Ok enough with the backstreet boy memes. But it’s so funny! To me. Because I just heard about it today from Jack. We were listening to the radio and I’ll pretty much sing anything Backstreet or Justin T when it comes on, just because, and Jack said his Spanish teacher cracked that joke in class today.

We also had some funny conversations of our own!

We went to the gym, Jack was in a GOOD mood, (Oh-ho-ho!) and then we went to the store for dinner stuff.

On the way to the store Jack wanted to be dropped at home, but I said no (and dammit I just remembered that I was supposed to get gas and that’s why I didn’t want to drop him off, but of course I forgot, sigh), and Jack faked like he was going to grab the wheel and steer home.

me: Hey! Don’t mess around and put your hand back in your pants!

Awkward silence.

We both bust out laughing.

me: I meant “in your lap”.

Jack: it’s way too late to correct that. Just. No.


Kinda like the time Jack and his friend were in the car and we said something T the same time and I yelled “you owe me a beer!” and they both looked at me.

me: Please don’t tell your mom.

(Sorry Annette lol)

Happy last day of winter 😬😝


Boy Brand

Well, for those of you who are still checking my blog, ha ha, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted due to the fact that school has started, and we are just so darn busy!

Jack is now in 8th grade and really likes his teachers and his classes, yay!

So far there hasn’t been any homework drama, and the assignments haven’t been terribly difficult so that makes both of our lives a lot easier! Though they do get quite a bit of homework, more than I appreciate actually…

So, our afternoons are generally taken up by snacktime, dog time, homework time, dinner time, and a very tiny bit of downtime, after the very important shower time. 😦

Jack is at the age now where his appearance is more important than ever, though I know that will continue to ramp up for a few more years… 😬

The thing I like about Jack is that he always had his own style; he has pretty much branded himself since as far back as I can remember…. Jack has more than a dozen very cool snap back hats, with all sorts of very cool and trendy designs, and unless he’s in school, you will rarely find him without one on his head. His hair has always been on the longish side, though sometimes he gets it cut short and surprises everyone. I like him best with hair on the longer side, so he has a sort of casual skater-dude kind of look about him.

Jack can be particular about the length of his shorts the tallness of his socks and the type of shirt he wears. Everything kind of has to match. I remember back when he was two or three and he started dictating exactly what he would wear each day. I was shocked thinking I would have a few more years before I had clothing arguments with my little boy, (if at all) but there he was, telling me what he would and would not wear. I couldn’t just grab whatever and put it out for Jack to put on in the morning for school, or even for play.


Young Jack: you can’t wear long sleeves with shorts mom, and you can’t wear short sleeves with long pants. Don’t you know that they don’t go together! Everything has to match!

me: Sigh…


So began my schooling in Jack’s wardrobe choices.

Now that he’s older, I’ve seen him break the taboo rule and embrace the fashion faux pas, and wear short sleeves with jeans, or a long sleeve shirt with shorts, because frankly, when you live in Connecticut, you never know what the weather is going to be. And, the schools are so hot that you need to layer just in case you have to peel something off after gym class or before you get on the bus and suffocate.

Now, I only have to worry about Jack misplacing specific articles of clothing. And I mean … specific.

For example… He’s very much into Keith Haring, and has a few shirts with his art on them. Look out if you can’t find that specific shirt in the morning. There will be hell to pay. Mainly by me naturally. 🙂 sometimes, Jack misplaces his very special newest hat, and we have to stop everything and tear the house apart to try to find it. Usually it’s wherever he dropped it last, but sometimes he doesn’t remember where that is. And of course, over the last year or two he’s lost a few very important hats:-(

Jack needs his sneakers tied a certain way, so they are easy to get on and off, and this sometimes takes extra time but it’s part of what makes him Jack. 🙂

He recently purchased a really cool pair of Vans that he designed himself online. They are really nice! And of course they enforce the “brand” that is Jack.

I’m typing this blog, and it feels so late, but I just checked the time and it’s only 4:45 PM ha ha. That was a nice surprise 🙂

If approved, I will be able to post some

Pics of Jack’s hat collection. But, for now, here is a quick peek at his new Vans 🙂

Jack: Are they here yet? It said two days. Check the email!!

me: Ummm bad news…(I check the email and it now says two to three weeks for custom orders)

Jack: Aaarrrggghhhh! Why are they such liars!

me: Yeah not sure but that’s annoying. Sorry, we can check next week. Or in two weeks.

Jack: (next day) How about now? Check your email.

me: Sigh…

Repeat each day for two and a half weeks. 🙂