Election 2012 in the words of a 7-year old

Jack and I were on the way to my office this morning. His school was closed. Again. For voting. I think he may never have a full week of school again! Today they have a half day to make up the parent conferences that should have happened last week when the power was out.

I told Jack that first we had to stop at the middle school so that I could vote.

Jack: Awww we don’t need to vote! We already know who’s gonna win!

me: We do?

Jack: Of course we do! its Obama!

me: How do you know? What about Romney?

Jack: Only people in New Jersey like Romney. Even my teachers hate him. I think he’s trying to buy votes.

me: Gasp… Nooooo…!

Jack: Sarcasm!

me: Do you guys talk about this in your classroom?

Jack: No. I just listen to the teachers in the hall. If you pay attention you can hear all their conversations.