Everyone’s a laundry critic

Jack: Mom! You need to figure out a better way to do laundry so there’s no more static!

me: What are you talking about?

Jack: In school I felt a lump in my elbow and I pulled out one of your socks! I tried to hide it but it fell on the floor and everyone laughed at me.

me: Which sock was it? Do you have it? (I wasn’t focusing on the horror of the 2nd grade embarrassment, I was more interested in matching up my socks…)

Jack: Mom! Sheesh! What if it was your underwear! Or (gasp) one of your giant tank tops! (he means bra)

me: Hahahahahahaaa!

Jack: Totally not funny. You could ruin me.

I kept giggling over this the entire day. Poor kid. Jack had another moment of horror when he couldn’t find the sock in his backpack because he thought one of the kids at school had taken it. Turns out it was a dressy black sock. Yay! I can make a match! And those are wicked staticky you know. How the heck do you spell staticky? Is that right? Yawn…Goodnight.