We’re entering … “those” years

A bit early I believe. I didn’t think we’d be dealing with these types of topics just yet. But, alas, here we are. As far as the British accent goes…he just likes to mix things up to keep me on my toes. Sigh.
Jack: When can I wear deodorant? My pits stink!

me: You don’t stink yet. Impossible.

Jack: So, like when I’m 10 maybe? Or when I get my cell phone you can also get me deodorant?

me: Maybe.

Jack: Does it hurt to start to get hair on your body?

me: (gah!) Um, not really. No. Why are you asking that?

Jack: I heard that it hurts. But now I feel better if you say it doesn’t.

me: Good.

Jack: Sooo, when will I get my first Public hair?

me: Public? (stifling a laugh) You mean Pubic. No “L”.

Jack: Ohhhh. So when will I?

me: Could be when you’re 11,12, 13 or 14? You’ll see it when you go to the bathroom one day.

Jack: Does it hurt for girls to go through their stuff?

me: Ummm, not too bad no.

Jack: I’m glad I’m not a girl. I don’t have to bleed out my baby hole.

me: Jack! Come on…

Jack: Is that bad?

me: It’s not very nice sounding.

Jack: How about this then? (he tries to kick me)

me: What the… HEY!!!

Jack: (affecting a great British accent as he runs away) Ohhhh remorse remorse!!!

And that’s how we end that subject. Guess he had enough for one day. Yikes. I did get Jack this great little book about growing up and how your body changes. I would recommend it, even at this age. It nicely covers topics that I know Jack hears about while riding on the bus with a bunch of 5th graders. Especially since he now has 6 or 7 very colorful new names for his “privates”. Oy!

Where did I get this kid anyway.