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Flipping for Star Wars

I bought Jack a Star Wars character flip book while he was away this weekend. I wanted to get him a little surprise since I was also away on business and I missed him a lot. He loved it and immediately flipped through it as we drove home.

Jack: This guy’s good. (Then he flipped and kept a running monologue on each character.)
Bad (flip)
Awkward (flip)
Horrible (flip)
Awesome (flip)
Awesome (flip)
Weird (flip)
A really good swimmer.

me: Who?

Jack: His name is Kitfitsto. It doesn’t show their species though. Let me flip through again. (The monologue and flipping continues.)

I definitely hate that freak.
Big head dude
Does she look human?

me: (I glance over my shoulder) Yeah.

Jack: Nope. Alien. Oh here he is! He’s from um a planet called gleeanselm…

me: Oh.

Jack: (Monologue)
This guys a destroyer
Awkward fat dude
Funny guy
That’s it…
Oh, here’s the other dude that’s strange!

me: Who?

Jack: Eh, enough interruptions. You don’t want to know…