How far would YOU go?

Seriously. Answer me.

Jack: How far in the future would you want to go if you could go?

me: Not too far, because I wouldn’t want to get older or anything.

Jack: Nooo, you stay the same age but get to go anywhere! I would want to go until there were floating cars and the cities were built on clouds.

me: I would go until I was rich and didn’t have to work anymore.

Jack: That might be too far.


14 years from now

Jack: (talking to me from his bubble bath) Mom, what’s 60 divided by an hour?

me: Ummm, I don’t understand the question.

Jack: Take 60…and then DIVIDE…by an…hour…

me: (laughing) Just because you say the same thing slower, it doesn’t mean I’ll understand.

Jack: Eh, it was worth a shot. So what’s the answer? Wait…you don’t have to answer me now. Just think about it and answer me in 14 years.

me: In 14 years. You want an answer. To the question I don’t understand.

Jack: Oh you’ll understand it by then I think.

me: When you’re 20?

Jack: (doing the math in his head) Yeah! I’ll be 20! And there will be some new math out then that will help you.

me: New math?

Jack: And there will be new protein matter then too.

me: Protein?

Jack: Yeah. There will be a whole lotta new stuff, so you can use that to figure out the answer. Don’t forget the question, okay?

me: What’s 60 divided by an hour…

Jack; Yeah. I have other questions for you, but that should be enough for now.

me: That one will keep me busy for 14 years, eh?

Jack: Welllll, by then you can probably go back in time and tell yourself the answer right now.

me: I’m getting a headache.

Jack: That’s exactly what you said in the future! (he shakes his head and continues to hold a toy under the water, let it go, and watch it sploosh through the air.)

me: You’re starting to freak me out.

Jack: It’s okay Bubby.

me: Sigh.