Another tooth fairy visit (plus bonus photos!)

Did that make you look!?? Okay, promotional headline copy needed…

Anyway, I know I’ve been sorely deficient in the copy area. As in, I NEED TO WRITE! But, I’ve been sort of busy…ya know? I promise to try harder. I really do have these stories that need to get out, but sometimes I choose sleep over blog. You know you do the same thing when you’re tired! Admit it!

Jack lost his front tooth today. Poor thing was hanging on by a thread all week. Then it sort of turned gray, and was sickly looking. So it looked like Jack was a bad brusher or had weird tooth alignment for a few days. Today it came out in his eggs at breakfast. I really thought he swallowed it. But luckily, as I mentioned before, it had turned light gray and stood out amongst the swimmy eggs left on his plate. Appetizing no? I stored the tooth in my empty Advil container (which I carry in my purse because when you’re accident-prone like me, you need a ready supply, AND it was conveniently empty THANK YOU Tough Mudder and THANK YOU sprained knee!)

me: Goodnight Jack, get lots of rest! Only a few more days left of school!

Jack: We forgot the tooth!!!

me: Oh! You’re right! Let me go get it…

Jack: Get my treasure box too!

me: (jogging back upstairs) Wow, good thing you remembered this, I had totally forgotten!

Jack: Why is something rattling around in the treasure box?

me: Oh, uh, remember the last tooth you lost? The tooth fairy couldn’t pry the box out of your hand, so she threw the money under your pillow. She never got the tooth! (Well that’s the story and I’m sticking to it! Actually the tooth fairy “forgot” to put the money under the pillow, and Jack found the box with his tooth still in it and was heartbroken and sobbing into his pillow. I came up and threw some quarters under the other pillow when he wasn’t looking. Whew. Yeah I suck.)

Jack: Let’s put BOTH teeth in here for double money! Oh YEAH!!

me: I think she’ll remember that.

Jack: Nahhhh, we can at least try, right??

me: I guess…

So we put two teeth in the box. I HAVE to remember this, people! Send me a twitter message or something to remind me please!!!

Oh, almost forgot the photos. I do NOT have a memory problem…so there! Click to enlarge…I was lazy…

Memorial Day - jumping off a tank. Couldn't you tell?
An eagle near the tank...
Jack, cousin Jonathan and Uncle Michael ON the tank. See the trend?
Foosball! Is that how you spell foosball?
Our new tenant - Mr. Chickadee with caterpillar
Flying away for more grub. Or more grubs. Either way.
My deck garden. Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, jalapenos, lettuce, thyme, sage, rosemary, basil, chives, mint, garlic, oregano and soon...beans and canteloupe!
Mr. Oatmeal smile
Jack being goofy
Our backyard and the gang of friends...
Playing "airport" in our dining room
Jack took this photo. Nice composition!