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1st Snow Day of 2016!

It’s finally snowing. For real. We are all still not sure how much snow we’re getting, because the stories vary from a few inches to over a foot. Luckily it’s Saturday and we really don’t need to go anywhere. And luckily Jack’s big birthday bash is scheduled for next weekend. Haha to you weather! You didn’t get me this time!

Jack was born during a blizzard and historically, well for the last 10 years anyway, the weather has been SHiT-Tay on the weekend closest to his birthday. We’ve had cars stuck in the driveway, power outages, frigid temps, and who wants to travel to a party during that weather! Ugh.

Today was kinda funny because we went to our Taekwondo studio for an hour of practice, then Jack and I stopped at Goodwill for his weekly search for nerf guns at rock bottom prices (he got two huge ones for $9) and then we headed home for some Skate 3 and Halo 3. We tried to cram stuff in and get home before we got stuck at the bottom of the driveway. That sucks! The wind has been howling and the windchill is bringing the temps down into single digits. Hating the cold.

We got a few chores done and then we heard a knock at the door. Wha????

Jack: It’s Logan! He wants to go sledding! Can we get my stuff?

me: You mean can I get your stuff? (He was already darting around looking for his clothes)

Jack: Do you think there’s enough snow to sled? Is it the packable kind? How many inches did we get anyway?!!! Awww I wish I still had my old snow pants with the suspenders! (He was upset when I pulled out his regular ski pants with the camo print)

me: You outgrew those… There’s not too much snow yet.., it’s all blowing around…

Jack: Whatever, there’s enough MOM. So THAT’s where my scarf went! (He ripped it out of my hand after I pulled it out of the closet) Let’s go!

me: Ok ok easy with the grabby hands…hold on let me put it on you.

Jack: It doesn’t go around my neck like THAT! Here let me show you how I wrap it. (he demonstrates his very NYC way of wrapping his scarf).  Wait! Why do I even NEED a scarf?? He rips it off and tosses it.

me: It’s freezing out, so you can pull it up over your face. (I wrap the scarf again, and he redoes it AGAIN)

Jack: Oh… I guess that’s ok…So where are my gloves??? Hey don’t put my hood up over my hat!!

me: Jack it’s still snowing out so you’ll get all wet if you don’t put your hood up. Your gloves are probably in the car.

Jack: Ok ok put it up then! (I see he’s losing patience, and he pulls his hood up before I can do it).

me: Hold on, we have to tuck your pants into your socks.

Jack: ARGHHH! Fiiiinnneee! Ok ok let me go.

me: You need your boots. I got you new ones luckily. These are military grade.

Jack: They are NOT military grade! Are they??? Well you tie them. Make sure nothing is inside! Wait I can feel something, it’s the tag take it out!!!

me: OMG Jack pretend you’re going out to survive in the wilderness, you’ll be nice and warm so don’t worry about a little tag. That’s a bit too much high maintenance. Sheesh.

Jack: I’m not high maintenance!

me: Here are your gloves. Let me zip you up, and the scarf goes in the inside of your jacket. (I tuck it all in).  Ok, I think you’re all set. Here’s some Chapstick. Now give me a kiss…

I inadvertently kiss his glasses and smudge them, OMG, 10 minutes of wiping and near hysterics from Jack because I’m “wasting” his time, and he’s finally ready to go.

me: Have fun!

Jack: Geez I woulda been outside a LOT sooner if you actually helped me get my stuff on!!

me: Grrrrrrr!!

A minute later I was settled on the couch with my tea, a show and a pile of laundry to fold peacefully. I could hear ranting coming from the garage.

Jack: MOOOOOOOMMMMMM! Where’s my snowball maker!!!!????

I ignored him. But he stomped back upstairs into the laundry room and threw open the door.

Jack: Where! Is! My! Snowball maker?!

me: No idea. Guess you’ll have to use your hands?

Jack: Oh what a concept. (Slam)

I had to laugh at that one…

Do mom’s really have to wonder why we’re tired all the time??


When in doubt, use the baby monitor

Jack and I had to get out of the house early this morning. We had to take a fun and odiferous trip to the town dump, and it has to be done early, or the lines get ridiculous. Getting Jack out of the house, or getting him to do anything really, in a hurry is a bit of a challenge. I normally send him upstairs to get dressed, and end up having to call him 5 or 6 times. He gets sidetracked by a book, or his legos, or the characters on his underwear, or anything but what I’ve sent him up there to accomplish.

After we ate breakfast today I told Jack to run up and get some pants on. He had a mini fit in the hallway, but he stomped upstairs anyway and slammed his door, then locked it. I decided to turn on the baby monitor and listen in as he got ready. I still have the monitor in his room because he’s on the 2nd floor and not very close to my bedroom. (I just had to go back and change”We still have” to “I still have” and “our bedroom” to “my bedroom”. Sigh. Divorce is FUN!). If there was going to be a time suck up in that bedroom, I was certainly going to hear about it first hand.

Jack is a mutterer. If he’s upset he mutters under his breath. His Dad is a mutterer. The mutter doesn’t fall far from the mutt. Here’s the monologue:

Jack: All she ever does is yell and scream. Blah blah blah, all the time. So annoying to hear her always telling me what to do. What if I don’t want to wear pants to the dump. I don’t have to wear pants if I don’t want to. (I hear legos coming out) Yah! Take that! (cheek bomb explosions). What if I don’t WANT to get dressed. Huh? Ever think of that?

(closet door opening, clothes ruffling).

Oh great, I don’t want to wear pants, it’s SUNNY out so why can’t I wear shorts? Sun equals HOT! Oh great, I’m not going to wear YOU! You’re not going on me, no way! (I hear pants being tossed). Fine, you’re okay to wear. You better not fall down. I’m NOT wearing a belt.

(sounds of getting dressed)

Maybe I don’t want to go to the dump (more lego guys come out and a few drawers open and close) Maybe YOU guys can go to the dump. Mom said we can look for a bike to fix. Maybe I don’t WANT a bike to fix. Maybe I want to take a bike apart. Ever think of that? ARRGH, I kill you! (lego goes flying). But maybe it would be cool to take a bike apart if I had cool tools. I don’t have any cool tools. Maybe I can use Dad’s. I need a screwdriver and sledgehammer and stuff. That would work. I hope they have a red bike that I can totally destroy!

(more clothes ruffling)

These pants are great! Okay, now we’ll go to the dump and get a bike and fix it up to ride!

me: All set up there?

Jack: All set, let’s go!

me: Glad you cheered up. What took so long?

Jack: Sheesh, I was just getting dressed. That’s how long it takes! Can we go now??


It was pretty funny to hear him talk to himself. Some of it was muffled, but he’s generally a pretty loud mutterer. I like how he worked out his anger/frustration on his own and came downstairs in a better mood. Maybe I’ll give him a little more time when I see he’s getting cranky. Makes things a bit easier for me, eh?