Bambi Eyes and Butter Churn


(I know, it’s been awhile, sheesh, I’m trying! And this is an older photo. I never have my camera when Jack does real Bambi Eyes these days!)


So, what have we been up to? A lot. More than you would care to hear about. I could go on for days about what I’ve been doing. But, eh, it’s not a blog about me is it?

Let’s talk about Jack. Jack has had EXCELLENT behavior in school this week. So much so that I was unprepared for just how giddy and excited that would make me. Giddy I tell you! He’s extremely proud of himself too, coming off of a few rough weeks, so he’s really been feeling good. Yay!

Jack: Mom, can I watch a video AND get a book at Linda’s Story Time?

me: When you’re that good you can have anything you want. Definitely. See how this works?

Jack: And I don’t even have to give you Bambi eyes.

me: What?

Jack: (whimpers and fans his eyelashes at me with big eyes) Like this!

me: Wow, that is super cute.

Jack: I know. I only do it when I have to.

me: Yeah you gotta save up with that. You don’t want to use all the Bambi eyes at once. It’s more powerful once in awhile.

Jack: (rubs my leg) Wow you are so smooth just like a butter churn.

me: A churn? Okay thanks. You know churns are usually rough….heyyyy…

Jack: (smiles)

me: Are you complimenting me or what?

Jack: Whatever you want it to be! (he runs to turn on the video.)

Did he just zing me?