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How to raise that grade

I came home from work the other day and was finishing up a phone call in the car. I could hear faint music coming from somewhere. I checked my car radio. Wasn’t on. I checked my work phone and personal phone in case Spotify was running… nope. Was my neighbor playing classical music while he worked outside? I opened the car door and could hear the distinct strains of… an alto sax. Jack’s alto sax. He was playing up in his room and the window was open allowing me to hear his band class in progress. Virtually of course.

Jack opted, with permission, to attend school 100% remotely, which was a change from the 2 days a week that he was going into school. There was a documented case of COVID-19 at his school, and we just didn’t want to play the odds. If his grades started to suffer, we would opt back into school at the next trimester. So far, he’s holding it together.

Jack: (via text to me while I was at work and he was at home) LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO

me: Huh?

I looked above that text and saw a screenshot of an email from his band teacher saying that his “zeroes” for participation for forgetting his sax (when he made the choice to stay home and left his sax at school), would be changed to 80’s after Jack made a convincing argument via email to his teacher. Probably saying it wasn’t his fault, etc. etc.

me: Hey, not bad Jack. I’m glad you stood up for yourself and got the grades changed. I almost thought the letter was going to be a bad one.

Jack: You can get the teachers to do anything these days if you mention a hardship or COVID.

me: Sigh.

So, back to the car. I got out and walked into the garage. Hmmm, the door was open. That meant that Jack…actually walked Moca?

The laundry was running… he did his wash and put the clothes in the dryer??

I was feeling a bit faint.

I looked in the kitchen. The dishes were put away. The dishwasher was EMPTY.

Jack came downstairs.

me: Are you in between classes?

Jack: Yeah. For… about 3 more minutes.

me: What happened today? Everything was done?? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

Jack: No, I just knew you would tell me to do it all anyway so I just figured I would get it done.

me: Wow thanks.

Jack: Soooo, since I’m not going rowing today can I play X Box for awhile after school?

me: Ahhh there it is…


How you get to Lake Compounce

Friend: So what are you doing in band these days?

Jack: Practicing to go to Lake Compounce?

me: What?

Friend: Oh, for the competition?

me: What competition?

Jack: Yeah, we’re totally going!

me: When is this?

Jack: May.

Friend: I heard that after the competition you get free reign of the entire park.

Jack: Cool! I’m totally there!

me: WHAT competition?

Jack: For the school. Aren’t you listening?


me: So, Jack, what is the competition thing in band?

Jack: You totally have to keep your grade above an A to be able to go…

me: Uhhhhh…

Jack: I think it’s an A minus, or like a 90.

me: Wait, so there’s a competition that your band is entering and do parents get to go?

Jack: Of course!

me: Well then you have to keep your grades up.

Jack: I always get an A in sax mom!

me: Oh it’s not the average grade for all your classes that has to be an A?

Jack: NO! Otherwise no one would get to go. Sheesh.