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Quote of the day – cookie style

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Jack and I were walking through the grocery store the other day. It was the night before a snow storm was supposed to hit and Jack kept wondering if school would be cancelled. He asked me about a thousand times.

Jack: I wonder if they’re really gonna close oreo.

me: What?

Jack: I mean school. Can we buy oreos?

I think even his brain was sick of hearing the same school question over and over so it moved onto the next topic on a 9-year-old’s mind…cookies!

Yes we bought the oreos. Yes we ate them. That’s why I don’t buy things. 😦


How a trip to the library and grocery store can prepare you for Tough Mudder

me: Hey, did you pick out your books yet?

Jack: What??

me: Books, books did you pick them?

Jack: (not paying attention) yeah, yeah, over there. 8 of em.

me: Wow…heavy…sigh…let’s go check out.

Jack: I’ll carry this one I’m reading!

me: Gee thanks…Hey, I need to stop next door and get milk.

Jack: Can we walk?? It’s sooo nice out!

me: Yeah, good idea. (we walk to the store and I do my shopping, picking up more than I had planned!)

Jack: (watching me pack up 4 brown paper bags) Hey, didja forget we walked here? Who’s carrying that?

me: (pausing) Oh crap! Sigh…well I guess we have to push the cart down the street. Oh joy.

Jack: But that’s far!

me: Yep. Ok, let’s go.

We start walking down the road between the store and the library. Cars are slowing down, people are looking…So embarrassing…

me: Ugh, we should have driven!!

Jack: Then consider this your little training for Tough Mudder!