Why do girls go to Jupiter?

Here’s some sh*t Jack said while we were on vacation last week:

Boys go to college to get more knowledge. Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider.

I don’t want to be a girl. I don’t want to be a boy. What do I want to be? Hmmm…Maybe a TV!!!

It was fun spitting off of Blood Rock. That was so fun.

Debi and Kim. Guess what those first initials spell? Donkey Kong. Everyone knows that.

Tell me something that girls can do that boys can’t. And not the gross body stuff that we all know like having babies and feeding them. Can’t you just feed them a bottle??

What do boys panic about that girls don’t?

I wish I had a sister so I could hide grasshoppers under her pillow. I mean, that’s what sisters are for right?

(I don’t have a clue either…)