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End of an Era!

I’m assuming this is the end. Anything is possible but when Jack leaves FOR COLLEGE next month, I mean, what other shit can I write about? Will he even call me regularly, never mind provide actual instances that I can quote from for this blog? Hmmmm…

A LOT has happened since May the 4th, my last post. It was a literal whirlwind of activity for Jack’s end-of-senior-year activities, graduation (OMG!), prepping for college and waiting for acceptances to come in, selecting a college (UConn-Go Huskies!) and a major in Engineering, oh and just a few other things like selling our home of 18 years!! Yea it’s been crazy and if you add in a few vacations and Jack’s summer internship, there’s hardly enough time to squeeze in a little blog post.

Jack also finished his rowing career for now. His club had an end of season banquet and they wished all the seniors well and sent them off with some nice parting gifts. It was a fun chapter in his life. Jack wont row for UConn (“they practice at 5am Mom!!!”) even through I really wanted him to try. Ah well. πŸ™‚

Jack is currently in DC for a VHS Collection concert and mini vacay with his dad. nice right!!??

But the weeks that we have left to pack and purge and move Jack to UConn and us out of the house are so few.

me: Jack, when you get back from DC we really have to get your things packed for college and your room packed for moving.

Jack: There’s plenty of time for that.

me: Ummm there are only two weekends left until we go on vacation and then come back and move you to UConn.

Jack: Oh that’s plenty of time! I have all the nights after I intern plus I have Fridays off and then those two weekends. My room won’t take that long.

me: But there’s the entire house to do, not just your room.

Jack: Isn’t that what we pay movers for?

me: Gahhhhhhh!

Ready for prom
The GRR crew
Graduation πŸ™‚
Our trip to UConn for orientation
Last time on the dock at GRR, Housatonic River
The final oar carry

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Where is the time going? And my favorite posts of all times.


Down from multiple posts in a week when Jack was 5 and 6… to maybe 1 per week when Jack was 7-10. Then I slowed down a bit more to maybe 2 or 3 posts a month from ages 10-13. Now look at me! I think I’m maxing out at 1 per month. Some months a bit more, but that’s simply a product of Jack growing up and frankly we don’t spend 24/7 together anymore.

Here’s a typical day during the school week. (Mom’s of young ones, be forewarned, you might not realize what’s coming!!)

Wake up at 6am. Jack goes and gets dressed, eats breakfast and gets his things ready while I get dressed, feed the cats and give Moca a short walk.

I drive Jack to school around 6:55, with Moca in the back. It’s a 10 minute drive to the school. Then Moca and I head home, I finish her walk, feed her and get ready for work.

At 3pm I pick Jack up at home when he gets off the bus. We have 10 minutes in the house and we’re ready to head to rowing. He rows now! Anyway, that’s about a 15 minute drive, I drop him off and go back to work until 6. Then I pick him up and we head home.

Jack then showers while I make dinner. We eat together and then he does homework until 9 or 10. Then bed.

THAT’S IT! Where is the time for meaningful conversation?

Total time together… maybe 2 hours MAX. More like 1.5 hours, which includes driving to and from places. Now how do I find blog-worthy material in that time??

Remember when they were little? On your hip, or at your feet all day and all night. They slept in your bed even. So, when Jack was 5 and 6 and 7, we spent a lot more time together and we talked a lot more.

Our conversations these days sometimes go from talking about the national health crisis, to 9/11, to street artists and politics. Remember when it was all about monsters in the closet, eat your veggies and trying to stop your kids from sucking their thumb? I miss those times and those blog posts. Some of my favorite posts of all times are here. Check em out. I really like all of the ones from ages 5-10 the best. πŸ™‚

Post 1: It’s all about Fall with a 5 year old. πŸ™‚

Post 2: Another one from when Jack was 5 and had to learn every single thing by himself. (he even potty trained himself, but that’s a story I’ve already told I’m sure.)

Post 3: Jack was 9, and oh-so-muh-fun to take on a bike ride πŸ™‚

Post 4: The 8-year-old that teaches his mom a new word. LOL!

Post 5: Some one liners from a 9 year old.

Post 6: Camp rating system.

Post 7: One of my faves of the faves πŸ™‚


Here are some highlights of recent conversations, not verbatim but from my old and failing memory πŸ™‚ … Jack will have to go easy on the lack of exact recall.

These were mostly talks had in the car, by the way…


Jack: What do you think about Socialism?

me: Well, There are pros and cons… I like the idea of everyone having what they need, and everyone having access to health care and education… But, that also means that not everyone will work as hard as they can to get what they want or need. We’re based on Capitalism and that means that anyone can achieve anything if they work for it, but not everyone has the same opportunities based on so many things like- – –

Jack: (interrupts) Way to be vague Mom.

me: (Sigh…) Oh, by the way I ordered your uniform for rowing and also got the jacket and two hats. I want to wear one at the races!

Jack: Don’t wear that hat Mom, you’ll look like a Trump supporter.

me: Jack, Just because it’s a red hat doesn’t mean anything. And, the hat has your racing logo on it, it’s not a political statement, sheesh. Hey did you see my texts from this morning? Pretty funny huh?

Jack: Those are old memes from like 2004. Stop spamming my phone or I’ll have to block you.

me: Ummm… no, if you block me you’ll have no phone to block WITH.

Jack: Sighhh….

And so on and so forth. Then I pick him up after school and we pretty much go back and forth with “Do you have homework?”, “Hurry up, we’re going to be late” and “You’re not helping me at all and that’s why we’re going to be late.”.

And repeat.

So, moms of little ones that never stop talking, and you can’t think straight and you just want a few minutes of quiet and want to be able to finish a cup of coffee without being interrupted or want to use the bathroom with complete privacy…

Be careful what you wish for. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to watch Jack change into a handsome, smart, young man and I’m so excited to watch him develop the skills that will take him into the rest of his life. It’s just that he was so cute back then and I could lift him! Now he’s over 6 feet and I seriously would strain something if I tried to lift him. He’s actually become a much bigger help at home, he’s maturing, and can reach things that I can’t. And I also hear through the grapevine he’s the world’s best boyfriend. Yes, that’s right. He’s “dating.” And, as you know, I don’t really talk about Jack’s friends or his girlfriend here simply because this is his blog and I respect the privacy of others.

Here are a few pics to catch you up on Jack’s world…


Can you spot him in the boat above?


How about this one above? He’s the one with the really bent arms. πŸ™‚


Who travels more than me? Jack of course.


A selfie from his birthday…



We’re entering … “those” years

A bit early I believe. I didn’t think we’d be dealing with these types of topics just yet. But, alas, here we are. As far as the British accent goes…he just likes to mix things up to keep me on my toes. Sigh.
Jack: When can I wear deodorant? My pits stink!

me: You don’t stink yet. Impossible.

Jack: So, like when I’m 10 maybe? Or when I get my cell phone you can also get me deodorant?

me: Maybe.

Jack: Does it hurt to start to get hair on your body?

me: (gah!) Um, not really. No. Why are you asking that?

Jack: I heard that it hurts. But now I feel better if you say it doesn’t.

me: Good.

Jack: Sooo, when will I get my first Public hair?

me: Public? (stifling a laugh) You mean Pubic. No “L”.

Jack: Ohhhh. So when will I?

me: Could be when you’re 11,12, 13 or 14? You’ll see it when you go to the bathroom one day.

Jack: Does it hurt for girls to go through their stuff?

me: Ummm, not too bad no.

Jack: I’m glad I’m not a girl. I don’t have to bleed out my baby hole.

me: Jack! Come on…

Jack: Is that bad?

me: It’s not very nice sounding.

Jack: How about this then? (he tries to kick me)

me: What the… HEY!!!

Jack: (affecting a great British accent as he runs away) Ohhhh remorse remorse!!!

And that’s how we end that subject. Guess he had enough for one day. Yikes. I did get Jack this great little book about growing up and how your body changes. I would recommend it, even at this age. It nicely covers topics that I know Jack hears about while riding on the bus with a bunch of 5th graders. Especially since he now has 6 or 7 very colorful new names for his “privates”. Oy!

Where did I get this kid anyway.


What exactly can I do when I’m 8?


me: You mean like what things will you learn between now and then?

Jack: No. I mean can I play M-rated video games, or plug things into outlets or get a dirt bike?

me: Probably not.

Jack: When I turned 7 you let me chew gum. 8 just has to be better than that.

(he pauses and thinks for a minute)

Jack: Can I see my birth certificate? The real one? It tells if you’re REALLY my parent, right??

me: Sighhh…


But Mom, I’m 6-and-a-half now ya know…

And how can one little boy grow up so fast in only one week? Let me tell ya…

I guess it’s because I hadn’t seen Jack in a few days, but he is taller, tanner, hair is lighter, front teeth are almost grown in, and he even looks (gasp) muscular! I bought him a pair of skater sneakers to surprise him and they didn’t even fit. His feet are one size bigger! The other thing that grew in the last few days is the attitude. Not the “naughty” kind, but the “cocky” kind. “Pffft, I’m 6 and a HALF, puhhleeeasssse!”

We took a walk around the neighborhood after dinner and then it was bedtime. It feels so weird having this bright sunlight and still having to tell Jack to get his pajamas on. He didn’t really like it one bit.

me: What do you think all those kids are doing at that house over there?

Jack: Uh, Mom, it’s just a bunch of random teenagers. Maybe they’re doing a Harry Potter show, I think I saw a cape.

me: But you’ve never seen Harry Potter…

Jack: Everyone knows they have capes! (eye roll)

me: I guess they do… (we go to cross the road and Jack starts to reach for my hand and then just struts across). Hellooo, watch where you’re going please.

Jack: There aren’t even any cars. Sheesh. I can look both ways… So, can you pretend to interview me because I’m a great skateboarder?

me: You mean like “Jack can you tell us who goes on the road with you when you travel to skating events?” Like that?

Jack: Yeah (he puts on a cool face) Well, it’s just me and my other friends…

me: “How old are you again?”

Jack: I’m uh, a teenager…

me: “Then wouldn’t your Mom still travel with you?”

Jack: Nahhh, that’s for kids.

me: (back to Mom voice) You still need an adult around when you’re a teenager ya know.

Jack: (ponders) Then I’m 23.

me: Ah, got it. Hey, well we’re almost home. Time to get ready for bed I’m afraid.

Jack: Why are you afraid?

me: Oh, it’s just a saying. Let’s go in, wash, potty, teeth, change, and bed!

Jack: It’s called “going to the bathroom” Mom. Not potty. Sheesh. (another eye roll)

me: No more potty?? (I pretend to cry) Where’s my baby????

Jack: (laughing) I’m not a baby!! But I’m right here.

me: Well, I really missed you these last few days. I’m glad you’re home.

Jack: (sounding like a real 23 year old) It was really nice to see you again.

me: Thanks.

Jack: I’m sleeping in the top bunk.

me: Really? You never wanted to…

Jack: I’m older now, 6-and-a-half, so I can do it.

me: All night? You’ll be okay?

Jack: (looking a bit worried but still wanting to be tough) Yeah, I’ll call you if…if it gets too hot up here.

me: Okay, yeah if it’s too hot, you just yell and I’ll come get you.

Jack: Now can I have a little alone time up here to read?

me: Sure.

(sniff, where did my little boy go??)