My gun and how it looks

me: Let’s hit the road.

Jack: To where??

me: Anywhere. Park? Playground? Movies? What do you want to do?

Jack: I don’t care as long as I can bring my nerf guns. Can you drive the getaway car?

me: Sure, but just don’t go pointing that at any other cars. We don’t want to get in trouble.

Jack: Anyone can see that this is orange and yellow…NOT real!

me: I know, but let’s not push it okay?

So we head out to the movies, The Lorax (pretty good!), and then the nature center (closed) and then the playground behind the nature center (deserted of all kids on this beautiful day). Jack has his old super-soaker gun in hand, minus the big water tank because “it doesn’t look cool if it’s not full of water mom”.

me: Taking your gun on the slide?

Jack: You never know when the AT-ATs or Count Dooku will show up… (he looks around panicked)

me: Let’s take a walk around this path. Go ahead. Bring the gun. (We walk around the quarter-mile mowed path that meanders around the property of the nature center.)

Jack: Okay let’s go back to the base.

me: Base?

Jack: (harsh whisper) Rock Wall!

me: Oh. Gotcha. Well, what a nice day, eh? Warm sun, no litter, not too windy.

Jack: (looking down at his shadow) And the shadow of my gun looks GREAT…

me: Yes, the gun. Marvelous!

Jack: Okay I’ll toss the gun to you if I see any bad guys! (he plays for awhile and then we take a break on the bench)

me: Ahhh, a warm bench, this tiny pine cone and my little boy. Not a bad day.

Jack: Carrot Mark… your “cute” little boy.

me: Don’t edit my moments please.

Jack: Sometimes I just have to.


If I … were king … of the country!

Or President. Either way works when you’re 6. Jack decided to sketch out his first order of business as President of the USA.

Jack: What’s it take to be the President? Like Politics? Healthcare?

me: Spending a lot of time talking to Dad I see?

Jack: How come you’re not President?

me: I didn’t want that particular job.

Jack: King of the whole country? Who wouldn’t want that!?

me: Me.

Jack: I am totally gonna be president.

me: I totally believe you! That’s a big job.

Jack: What do I have to do?

me: You make big decisions for a lot of things, like how the country spends its money. Maybe you want to put more money into healthcare and not so much into weapons.

Jack: Unless I think the bad guys are after us and then we need more weapons.

me: Exactly. Sometimes the bad guys are on our side.

Jack: Huh?

me: Nevermind.

Jack: Well, I would definitely have more computer games!

me: More?? How is that good?

Jack: Because it’s FUN. Then everyone in the whole country would have FUN Mom, sheesh.

me: Hmmm, not bad. But what about all the other fun you can have without computers?

Jack: How??

me: Seriously? Like nature for instance, and animals and hiking and all that outside fun stuff.

Jack: You can totally have nature on the computer. Did you ever see Groundhog D-Day?

me: (I cracked up at that one) What?? Who the heck is teaching you that?

Jack: It’s awesome. He grabs his Etch-A-Sketch. I’m working on my Zombo-tron right now, which is also a game.

me: I’m confused. What’s it do? (I glance at his creation. Not bad!!)

Jack: Kills Zombies of course.

me: Why?

Jack: Because that’s his job. Look at his name. Zom-Bo-TRON. Get it? He can buy guns AND switch guns.

me: Maybe he can be president? Ha ha!

Jack: No. He’s not real Mom.

(as if I needed more clarification!)

Zombie (on left) trying to kill a Zombo-Tron