Sh*t my 7-year old writes (about leprechauns)


image courtesy of wildearthintegration.com

The story in Jack’s class started like this. Then the kids had to finish it.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a leprechaun picking shamrock in the field next to my house. Everybody knows that the leprechauns will tell you where a pot of gold is hidden if you catch them and let them go. So all I had to do was to catch this leprechaun and then I’d be rich.”

And Jack continues:

(all spelling and punctuation comes from his story)

“I ran to the hardware store and bought blasting caps, detonaters, timers, and last but not least wire.

That evening, I hid in a tree and when the leprechaun came out for his evening walk, I pluged up the blasting cap. When the leprechaun came by the tree, I fired, then I grabed a nearby butterfly net, and quietly like a ninja, I dropped to the ground and captured the leprechaun, then I went home and went to bed.

When I woke up, not only my key chainsaw was missing, but all the chlothes on my leprehaun action figure were missing including the hat. Then I looked out the window and saw green!!!!

I took my parachute and raced to the window and jumped out the window. When I reached the street, I jumped in a nearby taxi and said “quick”!!! follow that six inch man wearing sparkly green all over him! The driver slamed on the gas pedal and shifted into 3rd gear and let me out at central park. The smell reminded me of florida.

I ran to the butterfly net stand and bought one. I hid behind some rocks, and when the leprechaun walked by, I fired. Direct hit! When I let him go, he led me to the pot of gold, and helped me carry the pot of gold home with the help of all his leprechaun friends.

We were rich!

The end.”

The teacher thought he should have added “At the end of the day I couldn’t help but think about how awesome my day was!”

Really? Is this really how 7-year-olds write? I don’t even write this well. I was shocked at how long the story was (3 pages) and that it had so much detail. Do any of you have kids this age that have assignments like this? I was impressed, but maybe it’s because it’s my son. Ha ha!

This is his first actual “long” story. I think I wrote my first story at age 8, and it was Tippy the Turtle and Pokey the Puppy. Sigh. His is all detonators and blasting caps. Such a boy.

I told Jack that I thought his story was awesome.

Jack: Yeah, I know.