Quote of the day…last as an 8-year old

Jack: (eating kielbasa and enjoying it immensely) Ahhh I wish I lived in a world where everything was made of pork.

me: That’s turkey kielbasa.

Jack: Whatever.

A Birthday Note to Jack:
Okay my special boy, today you turn 9 years old! You are with your dad this morning but I’ll see you this afternoon to celebrate the beginning of the last year as a single digit. Sniff. You have great things in store for you this year and we are going to have so much fun!

Some day you will read this and either think it was a great idea that your mom chose to write about you or you’ll be horrified. I’m hoping you love it. There’s nothing I would rather write about than my one true love. You!

Now for an apology… I’m sorry that I allowed you to read the Sh*t My 5-year-Old Says printed book that you found on my bookshelf. I wasn’t thinking that it would forever unlock the mysteries of the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa. I had hoped to hold onto those special rituals at least one more year. Except for the teeth. You might be done with losing them. I should read up on that actually.

Welcome to the real world. I hope you know that every single thing a parent does, no matter how awful it seems, is for your own good and it’s because we love you and need to teach you how to be kind and smart and giving people when we eventually send you out into the world.

Except for the time I squirted you in the face with the hose. Seriously you were being so obnoxious that you needed a wakeup call. Plus it was funny. I get at least one of those moments per decade. It’s on my parental contract. Next time I promise it will be a food fight.

So, for this year, expect an amazing Valentines day because you are the only one that will forever have my heart. I’ll make it special. And there is nothing about this holiday that I ever had to pretend was real. I love you!

Happy 9th birthday!

(Tonight I’ll change the blog header…promise!! Such a demanding audience, sheesh!)


And the Christmas Season is upon us…

…whether we are ready or not.

Decorations came out BEFORE Halloween this year. Remember? The Christmas music started actually Thanksgiving NIGHT on some radio stations. We can barely get through one holiday before starting the next. I don’t even think about Christmas or decorations or anything until the calendar at least says December. Unless of course it’s a warmish long weekend over Thanksgiving and I want to get a jump on the lights. Heh Heh.

We literally put up one strand on a light post. That’s it folks. Come and see it! Though ours isn’t synced to music like some of our neighbors. Really.

Jack and I drove home the other night from TKD class and saw the homes ablaze with festivity!

me: Wow Jack take a look at that house!

Jack: Well, that’s quite an extravaganza! I wonder what their electric bill is?

He made the disdainful clucking noise that older people make when they see wasted resources.