I’ll take that bet

So, no power day 2. It’s fun for awhile just because of the novelty. Then, eh, I want eggs!! Or anything hot to eat. We had cereal last night. We took a vote and neither one of us wanted to prepare anything different.

We have the fridge hooked up to the generator. And a lamp. Coffee will be in soon. Luckily I have hot water! Yay! I’m wondering if the hair dryer will work on this rats nest of extension cords?? Now… Why does my phone auto correct ‘rats nest’ to ‘ears nears’? Sheesh.

The power decided to blip off just as we completed one section of Jack’s homework (though he doesn’t have school due to the storm). It’s a cardboard turkey that we decorated by gluing buttons on as the feathers. It looks really good. Jack picked out a football-shaped button to use as the eye, but we have to tie that one on.

Last night when we went to bed we left the football button on the counter. Of course this morning it was gone. Cats.

Jack: Mom the button isn’t here.

me: Look around. Probably on the floor?

Jack: Did you put it back in the container??

me: No. 10 bucks the kitties got it. Let’s search the floor.

Jack: I’ll take that bet! … Oh here it is!!! Hand over the 10 bucks lady!

me: I don’t think you understood the bet. I bet YOU 10 bucks that the cats played with the button. You say no way, I’ll take that bet, meaning you don’t agree with me. So because I was right, you actually owe ME 10 bucks. Get it?

Jack: I only take bets when they’re not stupid.

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Just another day at the mountain


Not enough arm strength to type. But this means that I’m back to regular posting! Aren’t you happy? Wait…are you asking why? Well let me tell you.

I just finished 2 days of Tough Mudder. Yes 2. Because 1 is for sissies? No. I guess because I’m crazy. I did day one with my personal team. And day two with my work team. There was no getting out of either of those events. So I did what anyone else would do. I trained like a mo-fo and hoped for the best. I’m broken, beaten and scarred, but still standing. And I had so much fun (like last year) that I’m sure I’ll do it again next year. Maybe just one though.

Here’s my official “finisher” badge. I got two. hee hee!

Because I’ve been training, and working, and handling my personal consulting at night, and raising Jack, and working on a divorce, and and and…you know…blogging just had to taper off a bit on the priority list.

Jack spent the 3 days at Grandma’s and had so much fun that he was sad to go. I’m glad he wasn’t missing me. Though he did his usual “punishment” of Mommy, which means have a brutal temper tantrum over nothing and freak out completely. Then eat dinner and all is well. Sigh.

me: Hey, let’s take a look at your homework.

Jack: I don’t have any.

me: No? Okay what’s that paper then?

Jack: That’s a list of things for teacher appreciation week. We have to do something every day this week.

me: We missed the flower today because we were away.

Jack: I was the only one that didn’t bring a flower.

me: We’ll make up for it tomorrow ok?

Jack: Ok. What else do we do this week? (he grabbed the paper and started reading)

me: I don’t know, I think we give money one day for a manicure, then candy another day… Do you think all your friends will follow the sheet and do all the teacher stuff?

Jack: Mom. Kids barely read the stuff that they have to. They’re not gonna read all this grown-up paperwork! (said as he continues to read the grown-up paperwork)

me: Oh, forgive me.

Jack: We have to remember to turn in that teacher questionnaire on Wednesday. Don’t forget.

(says the child to the parent)


4 things on Jack’s to-do list

I found this note in Jack’s backpack. It must have been from his recent visit with his Dad. I thought it was really interesting. 🙂

All grammar, spelling and punctuation are distinctly Jack’s:


to do!!

1. Give anthony (ˆhis) bacugans back

2. do homework for life!!!

3. play lego star wars and get past Jabba’s palace and…pod race, and sebulda!! = must do!!

4. get up hill somehow  ∆#@A7.


Some sh*t I heard today

I guess I’ll make up for the lack of posts by…posting again! I just remembered the few gems that I heard today. Just had to share!

“Just because you let me walk in the hallway with my toothbrush, don’t call it a privilege!”

“Mom, in 2nd grade, we all master the Yell and Tell. It’s HEEEYYYYYY Mrs. Van Growski!!! Then we point and keep yelling. Everyone does it.”

“You know, he is REALLY cocky. And I know that means confident. Because he told me that’s what it means.”

“Can I drive up and down the street in your car? …Duh, on your lap of course!”

“Dad said if I talked British all day he would buy me a lego set.”

“Oh, I can do my homework all right, but I’m not liking it for one second.”

“I can tell when Dina’s not home, because Paulina (the dog) acts like she doesn’t know me anymore.”

(and my favorite, just because of the nostalgia):

“Sunday is when the Easter Bunny comes, right? And this is BEFORE we eat with everyone, RIGHT??” (please note that this is a wicked flashback to a few years ago when I started this lovely blog. OMG, it’s all repeating!!)


Another great day!

Yesterday was another great day. I guess positive thinking can really affect how your day turns out. Jack had the super big smile when he got off the bus yesterday afternoon. I can get used to that, let me tell you!

Jack: I went up to OUTstanding today!!!

me: Yayyy! That’s so great! I’m so proud of you!

Jack: Wait, I think it was just Great day. I pictured myself getting Outstanding, and I think it almost happened, but then we ran out of time.

me: There’s always tomorrow. Just do your best.

Jack: Okay. It’s easy!

me: Good! Then I’m hoping it will also be easy for you to get your homework done and brush your teeth tonight, right?

Jack: Oh, you’re HIL-arious Mom. Sheesh.

(Nothing like sarcasm from a 6-year-old.)