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Almost the whole world knows who I am!


me: Hey Jack, check out all of the different countries that read our blog…

Jack: (heroically tearing himself away from minecraft for a millisecond) Woah… All of those countries read the blog? That’s almost the whole world!

me: I know…cool huh?

Jack: Wait, is everything you write about me?

me: It’s your blog about everything you say, so yeah, pretty much.

Jack: Oh my god, almost the whole works knows who I am! (He gets a maniacal look that can only mean he’s thinking of world domination.)

me: I guess you’re right. Oh look, your mood ring is blue.

Jack: (not looking up from the iPad) It’s always blue.

me: What’s blue mean?

Jack: Happy.

me: So you’re saying you’re always happy? What about the fit you had outside of security in the hall with everyone watching?

Jack: Oh, it was gray then.

me: Sigh.

(He’s now muttering to himself as he kills zombies … “And that’s what happens when you mess with the Jacks!”. Our vacation is over much too soon.)