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“F” That

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Well, as you probably know…you have to stay relevant if you’re a parent of a teen. You have to stay one step ahead of them… or better yet, 3 steps ahead. Or … you at least have to know how to pretend you know what’s going on πŸ™‚ !!! (most of the time)

I was on Instagram and saw that Jack posted a picture of some old guy smiling. I looked quick and had no idea who it was. When I clicked on the photo I had a vague recollection of who it was, but it took me a minute to realize it was Stan Lee. Why was Jack posting a pic of Stan Lee? I had no clue.

I looked at all of the comments.

@somebody Β F

@anotherperson Β  F

@randomkid Β  F

@afriendofJack Β  F

Why were these kids all posting “F”? And why for Stan Lee? I clicked on Jack’s friend’s account and there was another pic of Stan Lee with “F” typed in all the comments. Hmmmmm. I was not going to be left out of this one.

Now, for the record, don’t just go Googling “F” randomly, or when you’re at work. (also, don’t Google “naked chef” when you’re trying to look up Jamie Oliver… it just doesn’t end well, and IT will have to have a “discussion” with you at some point. Or… so I heard…)

I Googled Stan Lee first actually, and realized he died. RIP Stan!

Now I Googled a few other things like “why is everyone typing F on Instagram”. (LOL)

I found an answer!

“F” is from Call of Duty, when you want to pay respects to someone that just died… press F. Ahh, that makes sense. Though I doubt all of these kids play Call of Duty, right? Or do they?

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So, I do what any mom would do. I open Jack’s Instagram post and type “F”.

Then I waited to see if Jack would notice.

Later that night…

Jack: Um Mom, why did I need to see “@debinort commented F” pop up while I was in school? Do you even know what that means?

me: Of course I know what it means, sheesh. Why were you checking your phone in school??

Jack: It was at lunch. And, I know you Googled it.

me: No you don’t.

Jack: Yes I do. You’re the Mom that has to Google “What does F mean”. Tell me I’m wrong.

me: Sigh.

Well, he was right.




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Socially acceptable to stalk

Everyone! That means you. If you’re looking to get your daily dose of Jack’s sh*t, follow me on Instagram @debinort. I realize I only post here maybe once a week these days, but I’m instagramming multiple times a day usually.  

So, just in case you were missing any of the stories or want a real time glimpse…head over there!

The photo on this post is also on Instagram, just to give you an idea. πŸ™‚

This was the opening line of Jack’s call to his dad today.

Jack: Hey, yeah, so how many kills did you make? (Pause) Cool!!


See you on some other social channels hopefully!



Whatever, I use a lot of hashtags on my instagram posts. Don’t you all? #menotcaring @debinort

However, Jack cares. Really cares! Like, really. And he tells me each time he looks at my posts. #whydoyoucare

He always says no one cares, I shouldn’t use any hashtags, I should get more followers, I’m too needy, etc etc… #ponderingit #yourenotthebossofme

Tonight he wanted to look at my posts. I LIKE my posts (follow me! @debinort) πŸ™‚ Hopefully you’ll like my posts too! #youreallylikeme 

As he started thumbing through the lineup of pics… well… I knew what was coming… #foreshadowing

Jack: Mom, really? 8 hashtags? Hashtag nature, hashtag trees, hashtag cloudscape, what even is that??? No one cares!

me: I like them. And it’s how people FIND me… otherwise how would people even know my photos are there?

Jack: Get more followers.

me: They don’t just magically appear.

Jack: Get more friends.

me: #gettingannoyed

Jack: Really? Hashtag famfamfam? Hashtag filmaddict? Unneccessary!

me: Oy…  #nowwhat

Jack: (scrolls to a photo of him in bed on vacation looking at his iPod) Hashtag 12-year-old-boy-style? No one looks THAT up!!

We both pause.

Jack: Except 30-year-old creepy men who live in basements.

me: I was just thinking that very thing. Sorry. (I start petting his hair) Please unlearn that…  #thingsmomshatetosee

Jack: Stop petting me.

me: You’re my therapy dog. #stayababyforever

You can see the pic for yourself! Yeah I guess I can tone down the hashtags. 

#jk #igottabeme