2 reasons why iPads make great toys for kids

1. iPads keep kids quiet and still when you need to get actual work done.

2. See #1.



Scenario 1:

Jack: Where are we going?

me: We just have to stop home to get your uniform so we…

Jack: (cutting me off) NOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t WANT to go to TAE KWON DO!!! Can’t we just…

me: (cutting him off) You can use my iPad while we drive!

Jack: (stops yelling) Okay, hand it over.


Scenario 2:

me: Can you play nicely for a minute at my desk while I go and have a quick meeting?

Jack: Okay. Where are your scissors?

me: Why?

Jack: No reason. Can I see that stapler and the golf club in that guy’s cubicle? And some of that goop that you mix together to make a print of your teeth?

me: Don’t touch anything while I’m gone! Can’t you read your book?

Jack: No.

me: Want to play Angry Birds on the iPad?

Jack: Yesss!

me: You planned this all along didn’t you?

Jack: Of course. I don’t want to clean up whatever mess I would make with scissors and paper and all that stuff. Go to your little meeting now.