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Funny Jokes

Is that redundant? LOL. Jack and I were driving to school this morning, we missed the bus, sort of on purpose. The alarm went off and I just didn’t want to get up. So I shut it off and pretended that we had a power outage ha ha. But of course cats and dogs have their internal clocks and they won’t let me sleep very long. 😦

Quick update on cats and dogs… Moca caught the lovely virus, or parasite rather, Giardia. This was right before Thanksgiving, and she’s only just now gotten slightly better. Talk about a skinny dog OMG. And Bella went in for dental surgery on Monday so she is in a little bit of pain this week and not eating well… as you could expect.

Jack broke his foot again for the second time, or toe rather, same foot same break same spot same everything.

My house is like an infirmary, the morning routine goes like this, feed the cat, feed the dog, feed the boy, give the cat liquid pain medicine, give the dog one and a half pills for tummy troubles, wrap the boys toe, wipe the dogs foot and other toe because she also has an infection LOL, makes probiotic in the dogs lunch so that the dog walker can feed that to her at noon, repeat.

But it’s the season of CHEER I tell you! Perpetual hope! I’m still smiling.

So, we were driving to school and I was listening to Christmas music and being goofy and telling dumb jokes, and laughing at them by myself naturally.

Jack: that’s not funny.

Me: what? You mean my joke? Oh I get it, it’s not funny because no one’s laughing.

Jack: no, it’s not funny because you don’t know how to tell a joke.

Me: Sigh.


Here comes the 9 year old

Wow, I can hardly believe I’m in my 4th year of blogging about my little man and the sh*t he says. It hasn’t stopped! I keep finding new material! And next week I will update my photo to say Sh*t my 9-year-old says. Omg. 9. Do any of you have advice for me? I’m sure this will be a fun year for us. The last year of a single-digit age. {sniff}…

I’ll do my best to post the most entertaining bits of my conversations with Jack. I hope you continue to enjoy reading them!

A note to my group of new followers: THANK YOU!! Drop me a note to say hi and let me know how you found us. I’m always curious to see how we travel around the globe… 🙂

And now for more Sh*t:

me: (laughing at a joke that Jack told me) Hey can you tell me that again? That was funny.

Jack: Is this for your blog?

me: (damn) Nooooo…

Jack: Yes it is!! My whole life is your blog!

me: Maybe my whole blog is your life.

Jack: Don’t tell me dumb things you learned in the 70s…

me: Nice. Well if you won’t repeat your joke, then tell me something interesting.

Jack: Okaayyy, but this is weird…

me: I can handle it.

Jack: You know when you look in a puddle and see your reflection?

me: Yeah…

Jack: Well, what if the puddle is reality and YOU’RE the reflection?? Did you ever think of that???? If the face in the puddle moves away, THEN YOU DONT EXIST ANYMORE!!!

me: (blinking) Cool. Now I have a headache.

Jack: Sigh…