Jack’s Puzzle for Dad, and a side trip to NYC!


Do I need to explain? Can you all see it? Jack loves Star Wars, fyi. And surprisingly the answer is NOT Chewbacca. I can’t imagine what kind of puzzle-making skills Jack would have to come up with to get that for an answer.

Tonight when I put Jack to bed, I left his room and of course was called back after about 10 minutes. I just KNEW a bowl of ice cream and 2 oreos would get his blood pumping before bed. Sigh. But it looked SO good. Anyway, he had a serious topic to discuss.

Jack: Mom, I need new shirts.

me: Now??

Jack: For school. The jokey kind.

me: Like with jokes on it?

Jack: Like one that says It’s not Cheesey being so cool! And it’s cheese. Get it?

me: Oh I got it all right. What about the shirts you have? No good?

Jack: Those are CLASSIC shirts mom. I need JOKE shirts.

me: Who told you those were classic?

Jack: No one has to tell me anything. You didn’t figure that out yet?

me: Goodnight…


I mean, what do you say to that? SIGH! And now to change directions complEEtly…This past Thursday I took Jack to see the Rockettes. We had so much fun taking the train into the City and walking up to Radio City Music Hall. Jack told me we just HAD to eat at his favorite restaurant in Grand Central, Two Boots (but it was too busy so we ended up at Junior’s…hello CHEESEcake!). Then later when we were trying to find which train to take home Jack says “Mom it’s track 105, that’s downstairs!” He’s SIX. And doesn’t live in NYC! Geez…

We took a Pedi-cab ride from the show back to Grand Central, and let me tell you, that was totally worth the $20. We almost died like 3 times! It was really a lot of fun and I would recommend it at night, instead of the stinky horses. Here are some pics from that trip.