When you grow up and have a kid just like you

I could be talking about me. How many times did I hear either “Wait until you have kids. Someday you’ll see.” or “I hope you have a kid just like you when you grow up!” They said it as a threat but I thought I was an awesome kid. Perhaps “lacking in self control” as all of my report cards said, but who believes 10 years of teachers? Pffft!

Enter Jack, also lacking in self control, unable to sit still (literally because I’ve timed him) for TWO seconds, loud as a mutha and needing to be the center of attention. Now who does that remind me of? …head scratch…

Jack: Do boy babies really pee right in the air?

Me: Yep. If you dont cover their penis.

Jack: I hope I only have girl babies!

Me: Trust me, they have their own problems.

Jack: Nothing could be worse than getting pee right in your eye!

Me: Usually it goes right over your head and doesn’t even hit you. You did that to me once.

Jack: Wooaaahhhh! Now I totally want a boy baby!

Me: Let’s get you married off first ok?

Jack: Ew! No WAY!!!